News: Mattel drops the bomb on us.

Wow what a day! Powercon has brought quite a few great things our way today, on top of the big reveal of the Weaponeers of Monkaa (check out the review here if you haven’t seen these great figures yet) Mattel also hit us with 3 Masters of the universe Classics figures, and what is in my opinion the best thing to come out of the whole line yet. Read on to hear my thoughts on this banner day for MOTUC fans everywhere.

First off the figure reveals are all pretty sweet! Snake Face is actually one of the vintage figures I never had. For some reason my mom insisted that he would give me nightmares, despite not ever having a He-Man related nightmare in my entire life. So I’m pretty excited to finally add him to my collection. Having a second head is always a good thing as far as MOTUC figures is concerned, and even if we do end up losing the staff he will still be a sick figure. Not being a huge NA fan Karatti isn’t really a character that I know much about, but being a cool mutant Predator looking guy he looks to be a welcome addition to the shelf. Octavia is another character I know little to nothing about, but again that sweet octopus design really hooks me. So overall the 3 new figures look awesome, but the big news of the day is the announcement of pre orders for Castle Grayskull…yup we are getting Grayskull!!!

pending more details at New York Comic Con (which DoomKick will be attending by the way) Mattel will be opening pre orders for a(around $200) playset, sculpted by the Four Horsemen and based off of the original toy design this playset promises to be totally freaking amazing. I am not one to tell you what you should do, and I didn’t champion for people to sub at sub time, but if you are buying MOTUC figures you really should pre order this thing. Forget any of the problems with recent figures, and put aside the fact Mattel is going to want us to buy this sight unseen, its Castle Freaking Grayskull!!! As a community that saved this line from the jaws off death, we owe it to ourselves to get the castle into our homes. If the way the Hover Board pre orders work is any indication, we wont be charged until the thing releases anyway giving us all plenty of time to save up for it.

So there you have it,a great day for us MOTUC fans all around. If you want to read some other thoughts on these reveals check out what Noisy over at has to say about things, his insights into these matters is always clear headed and spot on.


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