News: MOTUC at SDCC (Updated)

Some Great pics and info from SDCC read on to find out about some awesome stuff

These pics are from

The First pics are of Granamyr the large scale Dragon coming in December for $80. No real surprises here, he looks just like he should and looks pretty awesome to boot.

The second pic is especially interesting, the news of a new weapons pack is great to begin with, but when you add the MAA arm cannon, the dropped Draego Man weapons, and a new bird among other things you get my attention. I cant wait for October to spend $18 on this bad boy of a set.

 the pics above are of the winner of the create a character contest for the 30th anniversary sub line. they appeared in a post that was quickly pulled from the Mattycollector page. more on this once the official reveal hits, but looking at these pics I can honestly say this figure looks much better than what I expected from the CAC winner, and I really like that his swords are the ones from the vintage Castle Grayskull flag sticker.


And a bigger pic from with their official text

He-Fans and She-Ravers,

After almost one year and over 1,300 entries, we have a winner of our Masters of the Universe® Create a Character Contest!

During the Mattypalooza fan panel at SDCC it was revealed that “Castle Grayskullman,” created by Daniel Benedict, was chosen as the top entry and will be made into an actual figure available this fall as part of the 30th Anniversary line.

The contest gave fans the opportunity to create a new MOTUC character based on bucks from existing 6” figures. It was the perfect chance for them to let their creativity shine.

The panel of eight judges included members of Mattel’s marketing, entertainment, packaging, and design departments. They evaluated each entry, looking for concepts that had an original name and look, used approximately 50% shared parts, were easily translated into a toy, and fit into the world of MOTU. Daniel’s “Castle Grayskullman” wowed the judges, cleverly incorporating details from the vintage Castle Grayskull® Playset.

The big announcement was made during the SDCC fan panel, where new art created specifically for Daniel’s concept was also revealed. In addition, Daniel will receive a 2013 Club Eternia® subscription, and he will be interviewed for an article right here on Best of all, he’ll have lifelong bragging rights as creator of a new MOTUC character!

In addition to the winning entry, five runner-ups were also announced during the SDCC fan panel, and each of them will also receive a 2013 club subscription.

We congratulate Daniel and the runner-ups, and thank everyone who submitted for an incredible turnout!


The more I look at this guy the more I actually like him as the send out to the 30th sub line.

these pics are pulled from all over the Internet

this is an amazing looking Grayskull statue that is coming at some point int he future for an unknown amount of money. More on this when we know full details.

A cool picture of one of the amazing displays at SDCC. If you notice it looks just like the background of one of the vintage posters.


 A shot of the arm cannon from the upcoming weapons pack on Man-At-Arms.


These next pics are striaght from the Matty forums of the hsow floor. i have no words right now except to say the rest of 2012 through 2013 is going to a GREAT time for MOTUC



I will be updating this post as pics become available so check back to see even more cool stuff!


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