News: Mystical Warriors Of The Ring Goes Production!

MWOTR Production 1IF you read my interview with Mark Vasquez last week you may remember him saying that big things were coming soon with his MWOTR line, and that day has come! MWOTR will be coming as PVC production figures! Read on for the full scoop.

MWOTR Production 2

For the past few months we have seen unprecedented support for a new indie line and have taken the big next step to get them into as many hands as possible. My business partners True Cast Studio and I are taking the 3 figures which have not yet been produced in resin and will release them in PVC starting with two limited production runs , one of Flesh (the same flesh as the recent Spy Monkey Weaponeer run) and one of a nice bright Red.

Future runs and future figures will be determined by how well this one is received. We are shooting to have them be softer then OMFG figures so they will probably be closer to MUSCLES, but since all we have is test shots we won’t be sure till closer to NYCC.

If all goes well with timing they will be available at the Onell Booth at NYCC when Marty is in the booth. If for some reason they do not make it to the Con they will be for sale at our online stores and in a first come first served basis.

Due to the timing this is going to be a very basic drop, figures will come with no extras. The 3 pack will be between $9.00 and $10.00 and figures will not be available individually!

MWOTR Production 4

If you want to be in the loop you can see detailed and up to the minuet information about pricing and availability you can check out You can also visit either one of the stores at or . Mark tells me there will be a FAQ posted on the MWOTR site which will address what they plan to do about the Resin figures in the line and how the Production and Resin figures will work together to form one great toy line in the future.

MWOTR Production 3



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