News: Nerd City’s C2E2 Offerings

C2E2 is this weekend, and like Most Years our buds at Nerd City will be hosting a ton of hotness at their booth. With a ton of hot exclusive toys being on sale all weekend, and a lot of our buddies being there the booth is sure to be THE place to be at C2E2 this year. Read on for all the details.
That time of the year known as C2E2 is nearly upon us (April 24th-26th at McCormack Place, in Chicago), once again, and the boys from Nerd City will be out in force, along with guests and exclusives from around the world.  Based out of booth #760 in The Block, Nerd City will play host to an exciting lineup of friends and their creations, ranging from production indie toys, to resin figures, to far out art, to collectors dvd’s, games, and even apparel.

Booth Guests include:
The Godbeast

Onell Design

Rawshark Studios

Ben Spencer/Galaxxor 

Mystical Warriors of the Ring

Turbo Pistola

JB Roe

Scott Wygmans

Kaiju Kaos

Junk Fed

Battle Babies

Camera Viscera

Until We Burn

…with additional guest exclusives from:

Goodleg Toys x Ralph Niese

Frenzy Bros.

Extra Truckestrial Customs

Lord Chaos

for even more info, check out our C2E2 2015 Mini Blog.




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