News: New York Comic Con Tomorrow!


 Usually at this time I’d be making a post about getting ready to go to NYC for Comic Con tomorrow, but for the first time in 5 years I won’t be attending NYCC. A few things kept me away this year mainly the sheer cost of the whole trip. Every year my spending at the con has increased capping out at about 5K last year, and while it is a super fun time I think this year all that money could be better spent on something different (which I can’t really talk about quite yet, but rest assured its gonna be HUGE when it happens), and on top of that many of the people I usually go to see each year are not attending in 2014. Still though some good friends of DK will be attending, and DK Contributor Robert Crockett will be posting some coverage during the show on the DK Facebook (and here on the site later) as well. Read on to see what you should check out at NYCC this year.

These fine folks will be selling their wares, and you would be remiss to to not check them out if you’re attending this year..


Realm of the Underworld  will be at booth 480.

Peter Kato will be at booth 113.

Bill Mackay will be running around the floor with AP and Custom versions of Pugnacious.

Imagination Asylum will be at booth 215.

Mad Knits will be at booth 421.


In addition to my buddies there is a huge list of others exhibiting as well. Check out the Floor and The Block lists to see all the cool stuff that will be there. As always our friends at will be there and I’m sure Jon will have some awesome coverage of the event as well. I sure am going to miss those Korean fusion dogs this year…


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