News: Prince Algor And Slimed Drones Assortments One And Two Shipping


Good news everyone! Last week (as you may have seen from my recent posts) I headed down to Zoloworld HQ to assemble and ship out all of the Realm of the Underworld Wave 2.5 Slimed Drones Assortments. We assembled and boxed hundreds and hundreds of figures which as a ROTU fan was a serious trip for me. I got a lot to say, and I have some great pics so read on for the full story.

20150930_223345828_iOSI was at Zoloworld HQ for about 4 and a half days, and nearly every second of that was spent assembling and boxing the figures. The beauty of this is we got personally QC each figure that went into the boxes, and let me tell you this is a seriously amazing wave of figures! The translucent colors just look great, and the huge amount of different figures available is staggering. I do have a quick bit of advice if you ordered these guys… as we assembled we notice in rare instances (like very rare with all the figs we assembled) that the arms of some figures were having a bit of trouble coming off the shoulder pegs resulting in a break of the peg. It seemed to be mostly on the colors of plastic that are a bit harder than the other colors, and was only if you tried to pull the arm right off without working it. I suggest when your figures come you give the arms a few spins and a bit of a warm up before trying to swap them… again it was in rare instances, and 99.9% of the figures we tested were fine, but better safe than sorry. Zoloworld has excellent customer service however so in the off chance you have an issue they will make sure you are happy.

20151001_122334000_iOSOne of the highlights of this wave is the boxes. Featuring art by Chris Faccone on nearly every inch these boxes are BEAUTIFUL, and they really make these figures stand out. Each box also features an insert with still more art! There is even two different boxes for the two assortments. The packaging is just stellar.

20151001_170734000_iOSEverything I saw last week points to the Slimed Drones being a huge turning point for the line. Not only is every single figure the hottest of fires, but it is also the start of a whole new world we affectionally have dubbed the #zoloverse with the inclusion of Prince Algor into the line. I am so so so so so so excited to have this dream finally be a reality, and my sincere thanks to everyone who ordered an Algor figure on his own or as part of the assortment 2 set of figures. It really means a lot to me that so many people showed love for him (and the line as a whole) by picking one up. Self funding this project was a bit risky, but with an Industry Vet like Zolo guiding me I had no fear that this would fail,and I was pleasantly surprised by just how well it actually did. He knows it and I’ve said it before, but I really have to say Thank You again to Mike for making this come to fruition with such ease. Also for allowing me to take part in helping bring this wave to all the fans as it really was a blast doing this…even if my hands still haven’t forgiven me ha ha.

20151001_233852331_iOSBy the end of my time there we had assembled, boxed, and got ALL the orders ready to ship. Many of you should be receiving your figures very soon. I will also be having a day of sale for a BUNCH of new Algor (and even a surprise duo of “new” characters to the TEWOJ world too!) sometime soon. I’m still ironing out all the details, but it should be near the end of the month/ early next month. The drop will feature all the new figures, the single slimes, Slime 5 packs, and the very few remaining Purple Algor figures as well. So keep an eye here (or The Exciting World of Jalldoon Page) for details about that, and watch the net for the reviews to be popping up!There is also an upcoming day of sale coming to as well. Be sure to check out the gallery below to see all the pics.



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