News: Prince Algor Final Production Samples


Got some final production samples of the heads for my upcoming Prince Algor Realm of the Underworld figure (Still a few left for pre order if you want to get your own secured) in the other day, and some news as well. The production of the figures (and all of ROTU Slimed Drones) is complete, and the logistics of the shipping process from China to here have begun. This in itself takes a while, but the figures are closer than ever to being here in the states and in your hands! Read on to see the Box the figure will come in, and some other colors that Algor will be available in.


First up the box…. Man I gotta say Zoloworld and Chris Faccone did a number on this box. There is a LOT of cool stuff crammed onto this box, and in fact I think this box looks so good that I don’t even want to spoil the surpises of it for you. In my pic of the purple Algor boxed the back insert is missing, but it will be present in the final. You can see a glimpse of the insert in the shots below (from the ROTU FB Page) as well as some of the package variations.




Next up is the heads/single slimes which came out GREAT in my opinion. The figures you can Pre Order (any remaining figures after the pre orders end will be on sale in stock in the ROTU store as well.) come with the purple body/head combo, but about a month after the figures go on sale on the ROTU site there will be a sale here in the DK store  which will include single Slimes in 5 colors (Red,Yellow,Green,Clear,and Smoke) as well a discounted multi pack of all 5 (in a bag with a header) colors. The aim of the stand alone slimes is to bring an affordable vinyl production slime to peoples collections. There will also be a few VERY small run full figures in some colors that will be announced before the sale happens. Each one of these colors looks incredible, and as an added bonus these heads are soft…really soft and squishy that gives them a great feel and look.



I’m having a lot of fun playing with these,and I can’t wait for collectors to start getting them in their hands! Zoloworld has put together a great lineup of figures with the two Slimed Drones waves (in addition to the previous ROTU figures), and I am honored to not only be a part of the wave, but also the first person to be part of the expansion of the Zoloworld Interchangabilty Universe. Once all these translucent parts start showing up there is a lot of fun to be had. Stay tuned here on DK to keep up to date on all the latest  Tewoj news, updates, and sales. Or you can follow the Tewoj Facebook Page. If you’d like to know more about what Zoloworld is all about check out my interview with Mike Zolotorow over at DKTV.


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