News: ROTU Wave 2.5 Assortment 2 And Prince Algor Pre Orders Open Friday.

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Exciting times! My first production figure is going up (along with the rest of the awesome ROTU 2.5 Wave) this Friday May 8th at 12PM EST on  I’m gooing to run through all the ROTU info then I’m going to spill the beans on some of my plans for Prince Algor and The Exciting World of Jalldoon. Let’s take a look. 




Realm Of The Underworld is BACK for series 2.5 ASSORTMENT 2!


Introducing Realm Of the Underworld SLIMED DRONES.  A 5 3/4” retro

translucent fantasy series with clear accessories and SLIME! Each

figure is packaged in a full artwork window box with insert sleeve.


The Story: KRY-SIS, HERCULES, ULYSSEUS and the mighty CYCLOPS battle

their way through HADES’ legion of ARCHFIEND minions. The warriors

break through the massive bone brigade and enter into a marshland on

the edge of the Underworld. The warriors notice entities in the marsh

covered in sludge screaming as they are pulled under. Then SILENCE!

What card has fate dealt for our warriors? Will they cross this

STYGIAN MARSHLAND and exit the Underworld or will they fall to darkness?


It is in your HANDS!



Pre-Order Friday May 8th at 12pm EST at


Both Assortments are scheduled to ship at the same time 3rd Q 2015



Assortment One received the best feedback yet from the series with two

figures selling out on the website in record breaking time!


This assortment is gearing to be even stronger with two new sculpts and

epic characters! One having glowing bones on a clear body!



This assortment contains four new figures at a special pre order price of $26.50 which will be going back up to full retail price of $29.99 once the pre order period ends.

You get:

Molten Meltdown Acromancer

Corpse Tooth

Prince Algor (exclusive edition)

The Last Descendant

Assortment 2 ultimate collector package includes all FOUR figures plus the exclusive KRY-SIS (THE WARRIOR)! These figures are extremely limited and may sell out very quickly. Both assortments will ship together this summer! Official website


Each figure comes with Zoloworld interchangeable translucent body,

translucent head and accessories, exclusive trading cards, SLIME packet,

package insert, figure tray and an awesome FULL ARTWORK window box.





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Ok so thats all the ROTU info, but whats going on with Algor? Algor is making his debut in translucent purple in this assortment. The final figure WILL have a purple head,and the clear head is a test shot (as is the body) from the factory which you can win on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram right now! The test shot was supposed to be purple as well, but due to a miscommunication with the factory we got clear. It came down to deciding if we wanted to push the reveal and pre orders back or just run with it…we obv ran with it. So if you pre order Algor (for the special pre order price) on Friday (or anytime after that until/if it sells out..numbers ARE limited)  once the main production order comes in (sometime this summer..should be in a month or two) he will ship with the rest of your ROTU order. Now this pre order isn’t like a lot of pre orders out there. These figures are paid for and in production already which makes the turn around time very quick…unlike waiting a year plus for a kickstarter or something like that. After the ROTU orders ship and any remaining figures are sold on then the real fun begins. I don’t want to spill all the beans, but sometime around the end of summer/early fall I will be unleashing the slime horde on the world. The beauty of this is that the head of the figure also works as a production Slime mini figure, and in addition to some other muscle body colors there will be several colors of Algor going on sale all at once. The full figures will be the same price as the other ROTU figures, but the  slimes will be available in singles and bundle packs. The vinyl is very soft, and I’m super excited to bring these vinyl mini figures to market. I’ll be sharing more concrete details once the time draws closer, but this is the Beginning of The Exciting World of Jalldoon as a full production line!

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The Zoloworld Interchangeabilty will always be a part of TEWOJ in production, but the Purple Prince Algor is the only planned TEWOJ character that is officially a canon part of ROTU, and future releases will be packaged under the TEWOJ banner with their own packaging. The future of Jalldoon all depends on these first releases however… I’ve got plenty of plans for the future of the line, but it all depends on how well these initial offerings go. If there is enough interest then TEWOJ will be back with brand new figures (including for the first time non Slimes heroes,villains, and monsters)! I appreciate everyone who has supported the TEWOJ stuff up until now, and I hope this massive push will bring a ton of new fans to the fold as well. It’s an exciting time here, and I can’t wait til Friday May 8th at 12PM EST on to see how Algor (and the rest of the amazing Slimed Drones) is going to do!

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