News: Spy Monkey Creations new line tease..

The Boys over at Spy Monkey have been hard at work cooking up a new toy line that will be debuting in September at Power Con. Here at DoomKick I am a huge fan of anything SMC puts out so excitement for an entire line of toys by them is high. Read on to find out all the details.

Spy Monkey Creations has only released the two teaser images so far, but they have made a site for their new line dubbed: Weaponeers of Monkaa

Spy Monkey also had this to say (in response to a question of if the toys will be MOTUC size)  on their facebook page:

”  Our official reveal will be at Power-Con beginning Saturday, September 22. Then we’ll announce online sales dates and such after that.
Would that we had the resources to create them that large. We are creating our own unique toyline going forward. Something that can compliment your collection of furry pantsed barbarians and more importantly stand completely on its own.”


They also had this to say about where the new toys will be able to be bought:

“The store and all the current items as well as the Weaponeers of Monkaa items will be right where they are now at site will be where you can learn more about the Weaponeers story, world and product line!”



So right now all we know is that Spy Monkey is making their own unique toy line and we will know about it in September. What is unknown is how exactly these new toys will mix with MOTUC, Glyos, and their own Armory Series of weapons/ parts. Whatever these guys have planned I’m sure it is going to be incredibly cool, and you can count on seeing a review of it here as soon as possible after release.



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