News: Werewolf House – A Party Game For humans & Werewolves On Kickstarter


 A dear old friend of mine just launched a Kickstarter for his very own card game, and looking over the specs it appears to be a super fun game. Knowing my bud’s style this game is gonna be a rocking good time. Read on for details on this great project.



Werewolf House looks like it is going to be a really fun party game, and if you take a look at some of the art for the cards you can see plenty of hilarity in it already.  Here is the description from the KS page ….

“At the start of the game a moderator hands out a role card to each player, assigning them to either a small team of informed werewolves, who know each others identities, or uniformed villagers, who do not know any player identities. The game then alternates in phases of “night”, in which werewolves agree to covertly kill a villager, and “day”, in which villagers debate the identities of the werewolves and vote to kill a suspect. Play continues until all of the werewolves have been killed, or until the werewolves outnumber the villagers. The base version of the game can be played by 7-12 people, using 6-10 basic villager cards and 1-2 werewolf cards – all included in the Werewolf House deck.”



“There are NO DUPLICATES in the Werewolf House deck of over 36 different character cards. Each card features a unique, full color character illustration, so even after dozens of game rounds players will still be discovering new art.”



This easily looks like a game I’d love to play, and I’m definitely going to be throwing some money behind this project . Check out the KS Page to see all the details, and watch a pretty funny video about it made by some amazing dudes.


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