What a difference a week makes…If you have been following the Funko Game of Thrones Legacy figures you know that the line is plagued with problems. Figures are breaking right out of the box, and it’s a shame because they look great and have some really terrific features like soft plastic parts to not hinder articulation. I myself bought 3 figures I had planned to review, but as they ALL broke immediately I decided to return them to Barnes and Noble. For my trouble I was rewarded with losing my shipping money (expected), and only getting B&N credit which sucks . Read on for more on this debacle.

If you read my interview with Funko Designer Reis or my review of the Alien ReAction figures you will know I had high hopes for both of their upcoming lines, but after this incident (and the ReAction reveal pics…more on that in a bit) I have serious doubts . First off let’s run down what went wrong with my figures, and sorry for the shoddy cell phone pics they are all I have. I had heard from friends that a majority of their figures had broken right away, but I didn’t expect the problem to be this severe.


Ned Stark: Ned was the first figure I opened and one of his hands fell off immediately. Once I started moving him around his other hand broke off as well. His sheathe also broke off of his body. The paint on his beard was also not great, but all lines have paint issues here and there for the most part.


The Hound: The Hound seemed pretty good at first, but as soon as I tried to slip his sheathe into the loop on his belt it popped right off. This wouldn’t have been a problem with a dab of glue, but as I started checking him out his foot broke off the hinge with barely any force at all.


Tyrion Lannister: Tyrion’s axe snapped in half just taking it out of the tray it was packed in, but beyond that he seemed to be fine until I noticed he had two right feet, and two right thighs.

So I headed down to my local B&N to return them. The nice woman there told me that since I had paid with Pay Pal through my bank account I could only get store credit . I could have gotten replacements if they had any (which they didn‘t as they haven’t made it to stores here yet and the online stock SOLD OUT), but after the massive failure rate I was all set so after wandering around B&N for a few hours I settled on some Asterix Omnibus books. At the end of the day I paid $70 for $63 in B&N credit. At this point I was about ready to write Funko off entirely, but later that day they released the rest of the pictures of ReAction figures on Entertainment Earth. Now objectively I’d say about half of the ReAction figures look pretty good , but the rest of them did not come out well in my opinion. A lot of the likeness (even for a line that is going for broad strokes like this) just look so far off from the source material, and the paint doesn’t look great. These are samples so the paint very well could be improved with the full retail release,but its not often mass produced figures look better than samples. So what went wrong over at Funko? Well it would seem to me (judging from the surprise of  them existing so quickly before even being officially announced)  that they rushed the Legacy figures out to make some kind of big splash at Toy Fair, and on top of that the parts were connected to the bodies with clear plastic. Now I’m not sure how much you know about toy production, but clear plastic is a notoriously brittle thing to use on parts that will be bearing the load of moving the figures around.  With a massive failure rate like this if Funko had done any kind of QC they would have known about these problems and maybe not sold out of their initial run of them on B& Mistakes and bumps in the road are par for the course with a complicated thing like a companies first time making a line like this, but for such a massive failure rate to be happening is totally unacceptable. These issues coupled with the lackluster showing from ReAction have lead to me canceling my sizable pre orders for the vintage style figures. If you have interest in the Legacy GOT figures I would highly recommend waiting for a second run of them to be made which will hopefully be better produced, but for my problems with them I will be skipping any future releases and stick with the well made (and totally awesome) Star Wars Black figures from Hasbro for my highly articulated 6 inch figure fix from here on out. It’s a damn shame that such a vaunted license that has as of yet had no real figures must be marred by such issues, but now the Rains of Castamere will have to be regulated to the screen and not my shelves . I sincerely hope that for the fans sake they can right the ship for future releases, and I’m sure they can with some work. I just won’t be taking that gamble. I’d love to hear from others who have picked up the figures. Have you had nay issues? What do you think of these problems? Let us know in the comments.