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Today we’ll be taking a quick flashback to a couple of wonderful newspaper ads. I’ll be honest, I rarely open a printed newspaper these days but when I do I never come across ads like these anymore so it’s a great thing that the Google News Archive exists and we can all thank Philip Reed at Battlegrip for bringing those archives to my attention. Occasionally I will flip through the archives looking for anything that catches my eye and today I thought I’d take a real quick look at two fun ads that got my attention.

Reading Eagle - Nov 11, 1980
Reading Eagle – Nov 11, 1980

Video games have improved so far beyond these early days that young gamers now wouldn’t even recognize those classic home consoles as video games at all. The Atari 2600 and the early handhelds shown in this ad can take us back to that simpler time when Pac-Man and Asteroids ruled the screens.

Daily Gazzette – Dec 21, 1990

Batman AND TMNT figures on sale at the same store? That sounds like the perfect draw for me, especially at those prices for classic Ninja Turtles toys. I’d love to load up on them at that price nowadays.

If you want to see more ads then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked at a few on Doom Kick already.


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