Ni Stuff Anomalies Laion Review

For a while now I’ve been following the work of artist Ni Merz. He made some great custom Glyos figures for years, and now he’s made his own line of mini-figures. I liked the look of them at first, and thought they were OK. Then, I got my hands on a few. Now, I’m a fan of the whole line of Anomalies, and of these Laion figures in particular. So here’s my review of Ni’s Laion. You should check these guys out, they’re cool.

Ni's Laion Anomalies

The Anomalies are great little figures, in roughly the same scale as Glyos. They come in unpainted grey, clear, or dyed, in sets of three, and are also available as single figures in different airbrushed styles, each done by Ni, in some crazy and cool colorways. The paint is high-quality Monster Kolor, and the combination of great sculpts and paint really make the painted figures among the best minis out there. The variety of colors they are painted, dyed, or cast in has grown, and there are now a few different ‘standard’ colors available, as well as limited-edition, customized colors. (Check them out here ) My favorites so far are the Bone Carved and Lapis Encrusted colorways, both styles hand-painted by Ni.

Lapis Encrusted Anomalies.
'Welcome, alien friends. Come in and have some tea.'

The Laion is my favorite of the six different figures. I love the details that were put into it, and even the bottoms of the feet are sculpted. How often do you see that much work put into every part of a mini figure? I’ll tell you how often; not very. I had been looking for a new race to fill out my Glyoverse, and the Laions are perfect for that. They fit with the Glyos aesthetic, but also stand on their own merits.

Laions go good with everything. Like ketchup.

The Anomalies have no articulation, but that’s pretty standard for a mini figure. I’m sure a good customizer can turn them into a figure with articulated arms, legs and head without too much difficulty. The way they’re sculpted, it really seems like that was something that Ni had in mind when he made them.

'Sorry Sarvos, but we already have a 'grey' in the group. Go get some paint, maybe a nice green.'

I started out with just one Laion, the coppery-painted one, but quickly found I needed more. I can see myself ending up with quite the collection of them, and have started adding a little variety by getting some of the other Anomalies to go with them. If you’re into mini figures, or Glyos, or like supporting new toy-makers/artists, you should consider getting some of the Laions, or other Anomalies. You won’t regret it.

The Laions are confused by Cthulhu's offer of friendship.



2 thoughts on “Ni Stuff Anomalies Laion Review

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    June 10, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Great review, very detailed and in-depth with a comedic flair. Laions are also very cool, Ni is very thoughtful and creative, from the sound of it.

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    June 12, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    They are very unique and interesting. I love the crystal clear one and the one with lapis encrusted.


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