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OMFG Series 3 1Another year another wave of new characters added to the OMFG line. This new series even features a character designed by our very own Bill MacKay who also provided these figures for review (thanks buddy!) Series 3 for me is a bit more hit or miss than the other series in the line, but if you are a fan of Minifigures there are a few gems here for you. Let’s take a look at OMFG.


OMFG Series 3 16




OMFG Series 3 2



OMFG Series 3 3
Series 3 consists of the usual assortment of 5 figures, but as an added bonus to Kickstarter backers it also included the Zombie Pheyden figure as well. The 5 figures are… Dr. Decay designed by Jonathan Wojcik and sculpted by George Gaspars, Fruit Punch designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspars, TenCan concept by Richard Brown with design by Nikolos Sardos and sculpting by Bryan Fulk, Barbarianaut designed and sculpted by Charles Marsh, and Pugnacious designed by Bill MacKay with sculpt by George Gaspars. Out of all 5 of the OMFG figures I can only really say I like Pugnacious and Barbarianaut, but that’s not to say the other are bad…just not my style. I like pugnacious because he is basically a Minifigures MOTU character which I can really get behind. Barbarianaut is just so awesome how could you not like him? I mean a barbarian spaceman come on that is just too cool. Out of the other 3 Fruit Punch may be the one I dislike the least, but I just don’t care for the designs of  any of the remaining figures. They are all well sculpted to be sure and if you like the designs they are great little Minifigures. TenCan plays with the whole gross trash monster vibe, and would fit in well with trash pack. Fruits Punch is a teeny tiny boxing juice box (see what they did there?), and Dr Decay is some kind of mushroom witch doctor… at least that is the vibe I’m getting. The Zombie Pheyden is a great piece, and while I’m a bit tired of the whole zombie craze I will never say no to Pheyden in any form. Zombie Phey is also packed with details (that get lost in the solid black of the figure easily) and very well sculpted. OMFG is part of the re introduction of mini figures to the toy collecting world, and while it may not rank among my favorites it is certainly nice to see the format flourishing so much.


OMFG Series 3 14


OMFG Series 3 4



OMFG Series 3 5



OMFG Series 3 15




OMFG Series 3 6




OMFG Series 3 7



QC on these guys is top notch with no issue to be seen on any of the figures.


OMFG Series 3 17


OMFG Series 3 8




OMFG Series 3 9



OMFG Series 3 10



OMFG Series 3 11


Being Minifigures these guys have no articulation or accessories, and that’s ok.


OMFG Series 3 18



OMFG Series 3 12



OMFG Series 3 13


OMFG Series 3 19


Overall OMFG is of the same caliber as the other two series. If you loved series 172 you will love these guys, and if you only like a couple of the figures like me luckily the artists involved will all be selling their individual pink artist proof figures in their respective shops. Or if you want the whole set Check out the October Toys Shop or any of the following links…

Translucent Yellow DCon Exclusives

Rotofugi Exclusive Blue 

ShelfLife Blood Rage Translucent Red 

Dr Decay Artist proof pink

TenCan Artist proof Pink 

Series 2 New Recruits 


OMFG Series 3 20


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