Onell Design October Drop Preview

Matt Doughty creator of the Glyos system had a very small number of figures from the upcoming Glyos drop on hand to sell at NYCC, Me and my friend Drew just happened to be standing at the table right as he was putting them out. I picked up one of each figure and decided to bring you guys some preview shots of the upcoming drop. Read on to find out all the details of the drop.

From the Onell Design Blog:
“We’ll have a very small preview of the October Wave available at the booth throughout the con, the bulk of everything being saved for this month’s drop assortment.
A few days after we get back from NYCC, the full order will be released online, most likely on Saturday, October 20th at 9:30PM EDT. This mini wave includes three new Armorvors, a purple Pheyden (Neo-Nebula) and some Clear Colorless Stealth Crayboth (which are long overdue!). It’s a compact little drop that hopefully adds some additional fun to the month! More specific details after we get back the show.”

So unless there are some surprises (which with Onell is always a possibility) you will be seeing each of these figures in Saturday’s drop. Keep in mind that Onell drops do sometimes get pushed back so keep checking the blog for all the information.

I am really pumped up on this drop, if you read DoomKick regularly you know I like Purple so the purple Pheyden and Armorvor were right up my ally. What I wasn’t expecting was to be blown away by the all grey Armorvor, this thing is seriously cool and looks especially good with the Stannic head in my opinion. Also of note is that the grey Armorvor comes with a yellow wolf head which allows me to make my much anticipated DoomKick colors Armorvor. The GITD Armorvor is a cool if not quite unexpected addition the lineup, and clear Crayboth are another long coming figure. The purple Pheyden is quite the Surprise and any color of Phey is always welcome at my house. It has also been said that the November drop will see a marked increase in the number of Armorvors available so this may be the last month they sell out so quickly.


My new Favorite Armorvor!

Get your self ready for the drop on Saturday by checking out all the cool stuff on the Onell site to pass the time.


5 thoughts on “Onell Design October Drop Preview

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    October 20, 2012 at 2:53 am

    Thanks for the pics! Man I’m excited about these Armorvors, and hope I can get 2 of each. I was most excited about the purple one (especially when I found out the grey would come with a yellow head that is complimentary to it), however I’m getting such a strong Megatron vibe from that gray Armorvor he may have to be my favorite of this bunch.

    I was able to get 2 hades armorvors on the last drop (of course now I wish I had put 3 in the basket plus some stealth versions) and I feel very lucky my computer got through and allowed me to place the order.

    Now that the word is out on these things I think they’ll keep bringing larger than normal crowds to the drops, at least for a while.

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      October 20, 2012 at 4:11 am

      Yeah that grey Armorvor is a blockbuster for sure…..I didn’t even make the Megatron connection, but now it’s all I can see ha ha.

      Yeah the Vors have brought quite a few battle beast collectors and other people to the Glyos scene, which is good for the line for sure. As long as they are respectful of the community and don’t complain about quick sell outs everything should be fine.

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