Ori-Toy Guan Yu Review

Tomorrow Morning I will be posting an Ori-Toy Zhang Fei review, so I thought I would re post my two previous Ori fig reviews to catch anyone who isn’t familiar with them a chance to catch up.
Like a lot of people Ori figures were first brought to my attention a few months ago by the guys over at IAT.net. The figures looked like a cool mix of vinyl toys and super poseable action figures, with a unique look they grabbed me right away. The toys were not available in the united states until just recently when they went up for pre order on bbts.com, I immediately pre ordered 2 of them and waited for them to arrive. Now that they are here I gotta say I love these little dudes and would really like to buy the rest of the romance of the three kingdoms line of figures. Lets take a look at the Ori-Fig Guan Yu.

According to history and Dynasty Warriors: Guan Yu (died 219) was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China. He played a significant role in the civil war that led to the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the establishment of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period, of which Liu Bei was the first emperor. As one of the best known Chinese historical figures throughout East Asia, Guan’s true life stories have largely given way to fictionalized ones, mostly found in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms or passed down the generations, in which his deeds and moral qualities have been lionized. Guan is respected as an epitome of loyalty and righteousness.Guan was deified as early as the Sui Dynasty and is still worshipped by many Chinese people today, especially in southern China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and their descendants overseas. He is a figure in Chinese folk religion, popular Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism, and small shrines to Guan are almost ubiquitous in traditional Chinese shops and restaurants.

The first thing that surprised me about these toys is just how big they are, I was expecting them to be 2 ½ -3 inches tall but they are almost as big as a 6 inch figure and now I wish I had taken a photo with some other toys for comparison I guess I will have to do that in my Xiahou Yuan review.

Another surprising thing is just how soft most of these guys are, the body is nice and hard but all of the costume pieces and stuff seem to be made of soft vinyl and they are all looped through pegs so you can move them to whatever position you choose.

Articulation on the Ori-Fig’s is a little different from what we are used to. The shoulders, hips, waist, and ankles are all swivel/hinge revolver style joints that click into place and allow for some great poses. The figures knees are on hinges and the “elbows” of the figures are a kind of swivel that can be taken off and replaced in any direction, the head also rotates and comes right off the peg so you can easily change the face plates.

Guan Yu comes with some nice accessories, you get his long staff/spear, 2 sets (open and closed) of hands and 4 different face plates showing him in a range of emotions. The face plates may be my favorite part of the figures as they allow for all kinds of cool things to be done, the pose of the figure can be drastically changed just by swapping out a different face and its really a unique feature. Each figure also comes with a stand and name plate in Chinese, the stand is nice and allows you to pose the toys in mid air battles and things and they even connect with the other stands in the line.

All the paint on my Guan Yu is superb with no fuzzy lines or slop anyplace even on the small details, most of the body parts seem to be molded in the color they are but it’s a little hard to tell.

Overall I can do nothing but recommend you stop whatever you are doing and go to bigbadtoystore.com and order some of these guys, for the $20 they cost it is well worth it to get one of the coolest and most unique toys to come along in quite some time.

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