Ori-Toy Xiahou Yuan Review

Tomorrow Morning I will be posting an Ori-Toy Zhang Fei review, so I thought I would re post my two previous Ori fig reviews to catch anyone who isn’t familiar with them a chance to catch up.

Today we are looking at Xiahou Yuan the speedy archer and friend to Cao Cao. Lets take a look at Xiahou Yuan.

According to history and Dynasty Warriors: Xiahou Yuan (died 219) was a military general serving under the warlord Cao Cao during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was killed in the Battle of Mount Dingjun against Liu Bei’s general Huang Zhong in 219, and was given the posthumous title of Marquis Min , literally meaning “sympathetic marquis”.Xiahou Yuan was born in the county of Qiao ( present-day Bozhou, Anhui). He was a benefactor to his lord Cao Cao, even during their younger days in the county. Chen Shou’s Records of Three Kingdoms recorded an incident where Cao Cao committed a crime, for which Xiahou Yuan took the blame, though the innocent man was eventually acquitted through efforts by Cao. In 190, Cao Cao started raising an army to join the coalition against Dong Zhuo, the tyrannical warlord who held Emperor Xian hostage in the imperial court. Xiahou Yuan heeded his call together with his older cousin Xiahou Dun, and was promoted to Administrator of Chenliu and Yingchuan . He stayed close with Cao Cao to fight Dong Zhuo’s generals Li Jue and Guo Si around the area, but apparently seemed unable to suppress the ferocious Liang Province forces there. For subsequent years, Xiahou Yuan took care of Cao Cao’s logistics during his various regional campaigns.

Xiahou is one of the more colorful of this batch of Ori-Figs with plenty of neat stuff on the figure to make him look really cool displayed in some sweet poses, plus he’s got that awesome cape.

The more I play with these guys the more I really like them, they are nice and chunky in your hands and while at first they don’t seem like they are very poseable once you get down to it you can get them in such a wide variety of poses its crazy. I’m hoping we get to see some of the Blank Ori-Figs here in the states as I would love to paint one of these guys up myself.

This time I actually remembered to get a shot of the figure with some other toys, despite the fact he is a little slouched over you can see he is taller than a Joe and not quite as big as the (almost 7 inch) MOTUC figure.

I really like how this figure comes with an extra hand so he can not only hold his arrow in a natural position but also point off to the distance. Ori really knows how to pack their figures with some great little touches.

Like I said before articulation on the Ori-Fig’s is a little different from what we are used to. The shoulders, hips, waist, and ankles are all swivel/hinge revolver style joints that click into place and allow for some great poses. The figures knees are on hinges and the “elbows” of the figures are a kind of swivel that can be taken off and replaced in any direction, the head also rotates and comes right off the peg so you can easily change the face plates. A good thing about these figures having soft stuff on them is that it doesn’t hinder the ability to be posed at all which is a really nice touch.

The paint on my Xiahou Yuan figure is (again) spot on , with clean lines and most of the stuff being molded in the color its supposed to be. Ori has really impressed me with these figures as far as paint goes.


Xiahou comes with a few accessories, you get the 2 sets of hands (open and closed) plus the extra hand for holding the arrow, 4 face plates in a range of expressions, his bow which snaps in half for putting in his hand, the arrow, a sword that actually has a sheath, and the stand/ name plate that all the Ori-figs come with. One small detail is due to his helmet Xiahou’s face plates are a little harder to change than Guan Yu’s were, its not a deal breaker but should be noted.

Overall I am super impressed by these Ori figures and will buy whatever they decide to release in the future. For the $20 each figure costs you get a ton of cool accessories and a really fun toy to play with that looks great on the shelf, so what are you waiting for go out and buy some Ori-Figs today!

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