Playing with Toys: Dino Riders Ice Age Mammoth


This isn’t the piece I had planned for today but with a good round of snow that just came I thought it would be the perfect time to get that Dinosaur Riders Mammoth out in his home environment.


Earlier in the week I gave a close look at this Dino Riders Ice Age Mammoth so for all the close details be sure and check that one out. This time around I’m mostly just going to be showing off how great this toy looks in the snow.


Grom’s fur covered body comes in handy in his natural environment and he’s obviously not bothered very much at all by the cold but he looks right at home in all the snow.


The Mammoth looks perfect amidst all the white snow as well. His dark fur may stick out like a sore thumb but I don’t think anything is going to be making an attack with those laser guns all over the big beast.


I had a blast taking these out and playing around and even though it was cold it was well worth it.


This isn’t the first time we’ve played with our toys here on DK! Don’t forget to check out the fun we had with other toys!


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