Pokemon Go First Impressions

Pokemon Go has finally launched on IOS and Android devices after a long long long wait we can now play Pokemon wherever we are, but how is it? 



Well it’s fun for sure. Walking around finding random Pokemon is a blast, and discovering where all the spots and gyms in your town are is a fun way to get out and exercise a bit. The graphics on the map are sparse, but your character looks good. Your character can be lightly customized at the outset, but the options are very limited. I can’t find any way to change clothes in the current state of the game so one would hope that this feature will be added in the future. Right now the character customization is very weak especially for a game where you’re looking at your character standing on a flat map most of the time. The Graphics on the Pokemon themselves are great however, and they keep the clean cartoon look on the phone very well. The Augmented Realty Pokemon catching feature works great also, and its real fun to see Pokemon in your world.



The Battles themselves are fun, but I really wish there was more opportunities to use this feature. Outside of the gym there really isn’t any other way to battle. I think it would be a lot better if you could choose to battle or capture the random Pokemon you come across in the wild. The current lack of the ability to trade or battle friends is also a let down. I realize this game is in it’s early stages, but come on man I need more to do besides just walking around getting medals and capturing Pokemon.Though I should have definitely taken some screen caps at the gym…maybe if I wasn’t in the parking lot a local museum with people staring at me I would have remembered. 



There is also a cash shop where you can buy all kinds of items with gold, and you can buy gold with real money. You can earn gold by a few different actions, but anyone fame,air with FTP games will know that if you want a lot you’re gonna need to spend some real life cash on fake life gold. This isn’t really surprising to me, and id rather the game be free and try to squeeze some bucks out of me to hurry and buy items.



Yesterday was also marked by multiple server outages in Pokemon Go, and while it seems a bit odd they could underestimate the mass of people who would flock to the app the servers handled it pretty well. I did however get signed out of the app multiple times which is frustrating for sure. 



So after a day with Pokemon Go I can say the game is fun and whats there works good, but they need to hurry up and add more to do really quick or interest in the app will fade. I’m sure many changes await us aspiring Poke Trainers, but as of now there isn’t a ton to get excited about here.



Pokemon Go Pros and Cons:


Pokemon on the go 

Good graphics 

Excuse to walk around and get some damn exercise 

Explore your town 

Seeing Pokemon in your world 

Gotta catch em all 


Not a lot to do 

Forced to be a creeper outside local museums 

Not enough battles

Servers could use some work



Pokemon Go isn’t perfect, but there is a LOT of potential there for it to be an amazing experience. Let’s just hope the Big N listens to fans and makes a game that will have us all not putting our phones down for days at a time. I’m very excited about the future of Pokemon Go, and I’ll be checking in here and there with it as we get new features. It’s bound to be pretty exciting seeing where this game will go next.


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