Powered Bio Suit From Brownnoize Productions Review

Bio Suit 1Today I am looking at the VERY awesome  3D Printed Powered Bio Suit toy. If you looked at my coverage of the Monster Kolor Future Factory Event or my coverage from SRGM you are familiar with the unique brand of hot fire Brownnoize brings to the table. If you are not familiar then all you need to know is that Brownnoize makes awesome 3D printed toys that you should buy. Let’s take a look at the Bio Suit. *Edit: Brownnoize has announced that updated versions of these figures will be dropping real real soon so keep an eye on his Instagram (which is updated far more often than his blog)for more


Bio Suit 2



Bio Suit 3

This Powered Bio Suit is a “bootleg” inspired by the  Diaclone Powered Suits from back in the day, but this figure is scaled for the old Microman figures instead a tiny driver like the originals were. Now I don’t have a single Microman in my collection (I hang my head in shame), but luckily for me (and anyone who may not own a Microman as well) my Black Hole figure fits in there perfectly, and for my money it’s great for that old boy to finally have something to do. I’m sure you could find some interesting vintage 3.75 pilots for this suit from the large selection out in the world. This figure stand about 6 inches tall and doesn’t have a lick of paint on him. All the different colors are printed in that color of ABS plastic. There is a few decals as well, and they are all very well applied (no DIY decals here thankfully for my shaking hands) cleanly. The sculpt is awesome with some great details (especially inside the canopy and cockpit area) , and that combined with the colors makes this guy a visual treat. Brownnoize has included a special piece for the back that allows the large backpack to be positioned over the suits shoulder, as well as the added feature of having ports to plug the weapons into as well. Being able to store the weapons is a very nice feature on any toy, and this is true here as well. Another really neat thing is the four strips of glow in the dark material inside the head area of the suit. These strips allow the head of the driver to be illuminated inside the suit, and it is this kind of ingenuity you only seem to  be seeing from indy guys these days. The effect works well on my Black Hole figure, but I imagine with a chrome headed Microman figure it looks even better. Like all products from BrownNoize this figure has been dipped in the special vapor cloud that eliminates the rough lined look of most 3D printed toys, and gives it a nice gloss to boot. Brownnoize has actually made a few variations of these guys with variations in the chests,weapons, and heads which all look terrific.

Bio Suit 4



Bio Suit 5



Bio Suit 6

QC on every one of these guys I have handled has been 100% top notch with no issues spotted on any of the figures I have seen. They also feel very sturdy, and will hold up to play which is essential in a toy to me.

Bio Suit 7



Bio Suit 8



Bio Suit 9




Bio Suit 10

My suit came with a rifle, an axe, the large backpack (with removable fronts piece), and the piece for his back. All of these various parts are just as well sculpted as the main robot is, and have a great sic fi look to them.

Bio Suit 11




Bio Suit 12




Bio Suit 13


Bio Suit 14

For a homemade 3D printed toy the articulation on this guy is nuts! He has ratcheted shoulders, swivels at the “bicep” and wrists, hinges on his shoulders and elbows, and a hinged canopy. Even without articulated legs this guy is capable of plenty of fun poses, and loaded with personality.

Bio Suit 15



Bio Suit 16


Bio Suit 20



Bio Suit 21



Bio Suit 22



Bio Suit 24



Bio Suit 25



Bio Suit 26

Overall I love this figure quite a bit, and I can only highly recommend it if you have even a passing interest in vintage style robots or awesome toys in general. Follow Brownnoize’s blog to stay up with all the insane toys he’s making, and these very figures should be available in the Monster Kolor store in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that. I had a blast taking pictures of this guy, and there a couple more in the gallery below that didn’t make it into the review proper.

Bio Suit 27



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4 thoughts on “Powered Bio Suit From Brownnoize Productions Review

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    April 7, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    That looks great for being 3d printed. I’m assuming there is a lot of hand finishing involved, since most of the ones I’ve seen have looked relatively rough compared to this one.

    • avatar
      April 7, 2014 at 10:15 pm

      well its dipped in a cloud of acetone vapor that smooths it all up in a few seconds. its a fairly simple step that makes the toys look about 1000 times better

      • avatar
        April 7, 2014 at 10:26 pm

        Ah, well that makes much more sense. I’ll have to keep an eye on his store, since I wouldn’t mind adding one of these to the collection.

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