Production Galaxxor Goes On Sale Tonight


TONIGHT at 8PM CST in his Shop  our old friend Ben is dropping his first production figure, and it’s looking to be a GREAT 5.5 style alien weirdo for your collection. The Galaxxor figure is made by the same trustworthy factory as Glyos figures which means it will be high quality , and fun to play with. Here’s the details straight from Ben’s mouth.

COSMIC SUPERNOVA GALAXXOR/GORGAX: $28 each, Limit 2 per order Produced in a pearlescent neon green vinyl, these 5.5″ figures feature Glyos vinyl-compatible articulation at the head, shoulders and chest/waist. They sport purple eyes and black detail lining on the Gorgax head. Each figure comes with both the dome(Galaxxor) head and the horned(Gorgax/Cyber Space Barbarian) head. 


I’m pumped to finally get Galaxxor (and the Cyborg Space Barbarian) in durable affordable production vinyl, and these guys are sure to sell out quick like so be ready at 8PM CST tonight at the Galaxxor Shop to snag one for your own, and hey if you want to share your love of the Galaxxorverse  check out the Facebook group to talk to other Galaxxolovers.



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