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Zolocon is this weekend!! If your’e in the area I highly suggest you check it out on Saturday. I’ll be there as will a TON of other cool people. I’ve got a ton of stuff ready to go for the show including the Zcon exclusive Slime Fiend, and the debut of the Kandanian Land Slug. Read on to see all the hotness I’ll be bringing.



The Slime Fiend:

While in the Realm of the Underworld Prince Algor fought a great many Archfiends in battle, but only one of them managed to take a bite out of the Prince. After being run through with a sword and left to die the Rip Sludge that makes up all Slimes began to work it magic on the Skeletal form. Awaking full of power the Fiend discovered a deep need to ingest more of Algor. Taking the shape of his true desire, and roaming the Underworld searching for more of the slime he craves he was found by the Acromancer who used his magic to send this Fiend through a portal to Jalldoon (which the Acromancer had opened after the Prince had escaped his evil spell) to hunt down the turncoat Slime. Appearing on Jalldoon the Slime Fiend wandered through a dark forest until he happened across a traveling party of Slime merchants. Seizing upon them the Slime Fiend feasted until he was satiated, and this was when he found that ANY Slime would calm the gnawing hunger inside of him. The Slime Fiend has been imbued with the magic of Slimes, and while not capable of full shape shifting he can turn into a black puddle of sludge to pass through almost any size opening. Haunting the Jalldoon night looking for more Slimes to eat the Fiend cracks open any slime he comes across with his mighty hammer. The citizens of Slime City have yet another reason to cower in fear when the Jalldoonian Sun sets . While the Slime Fiend will eat whatever Slime he sees to settle his wants he still hunts his original prey, woe to Prince Algor when he and the Slime Fiend cross paths again.

The Slime Fiend is a Zolocon Exclusive full production figure made in VERY limited quantities. He will be $45 at Zolocon and come in a window box. Figure includes Hammer,Shield,and Belt accessories. Any figures left after the show will be put up on the RI Store.



The Kandanian Land Slug Mount(resin): 

All over Jalldoon you can find the Kandanian Land Slugs. Normally quite docile creatures (despite their large size) they are content to slowly inch their way around the various environments of the planet, but when threatened the Slugs are capable of using the slime that covers their body to create a frictionless surface that allows them to move at exceedingly high speeds over any terrain. Ages ago some ingenious inhabitant of Jalldoon realized if domesticated these Slugs would hold serious potential for traveling around Jalldoon. Soon a Slug farm was opened in the Inari Grasslands with a loan secured from the then emperor of Karnok… However this poor farmer didn’t count on people not wanting to get all sticky with the goo of the slugs after riding. The Farm nearly went bankrupt until King Valdar’s great great great grandfather King Larr stepped in and bought the farm for the official use of the Slime Kingdom. Since then the farm has flourished with Slugs being used for all manner of conveyance and as beats of burden by Slimes everywhere. Prince Algor and Toron often ride Algor’s personal Slug on their adventures across Jalldoon, and the Prince has formed a strong bond with Ziggy, the Slug he has trained himself since he was but a very young Slime. Sailing over the land at high speed on a Slug is the only way to travel across Jalldoon if you ask most Slimes.

Slugs will be $25 each, and will be available in a wide variety of colors at Zolocon. After the convention the remaining slugs will be made available on the RI shop. If all Slugs sell out then there will be a second run so everyone who wants one can have a chance to pick one up.







RiZcon 4


RiZcon 5


RiZcon 6


RiZcon 7


RiZcon 8


RiZcon 9


RiZcon 10



Resin Slimes:

I have made up some of the other sculpts (minus the ones that need re sculpts and/or are coming in vinyl) for the show, and the molds for these slimes are now way beyond gone so this will the last chance to grab any of these guys if you want to expand your TEWOJ Collection. Several varieties of packs are available from $10-$15 each pack. (pics show most not all resin slimes available)














Production Prince Algor Figures: 

I’ve got a very small number of remaining Algors (that were healed back for customer service purposes) that will be available at the show as well. I’ve got a few purple figures, a couple of Spirit Strides, and one Dungeon Demon. The guys will be the standard $30, but they will all be coming in ROTU Slimed Drones Window Boxes.







Custom Painted Algors:

I’ve also got 5 custom paint job Algor figures these will be $35 each and come with a translucent weapon in a bag with a TEWOJ header. Being customs these figures are playable, and fully articulated, but they are not meant for heavy play.




RiZcon 3

Wild Cave Slimes (resin): 

Another sculpt with a shot mold this is the last chance for the Wild Cave Slimes as well. These are $10 each.

RiZcon 2


RiZcon 1


In addition to all this I’ll also have Vinyl Slime 5 packs ($10 each), Single vinyl Slimes ($2 each), and Buttons and Stickers (2 for $1) as well as hosting my buddy from Monsters Holding Bitches  I’ll have ALL 3 Issues of his zine for $6 each. Also at the show will be my buddy @figurecase who will be selling some of his custom ROTU figures as well.



I’ll also be live streaming the whole show (battery and wifi willing) on the DoomKick Periscope account @Doomkick if you’d like to feel like you’re at the show yourself. I’m looking forward to this show quite a bit. It will be nice to see my buds, and interact with the fan. Hope to see you there! I’ll be posting next week sometime about when the left overs will be available on the Ri shop.

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