RawShark Studios Callgrim Review

I haven’t done a review in quite some time now. I’ve been really busy with a new schedule at my ‘real’ job, and haven’t been able to put in the time that I feel a good review deserves, until now. I’m back with a review of the Callgrim figure, from artist Jesse Moore of RawShark Studios.  Prepare to be impressed. Or admit that your heart is as joyless as…some…joyless thing…

RawShark Studios Callgrim

Callgrim is Jesse Moore’s (http://www.callgrim.com/) character in the Glyos System, the toy line and story created by Matt Doughty of Onell Design (http://www.onelldesign.com/). Callgrim is a mercenary, whose role is sometimes ally, sometimes enemy to Pheyden, the ‘main’ character of the Glyoverse. Callgrim is the dark, mysterious, possibly-anti-hero guy in the Glyoverse. His loyalty is mainly to himself and those that work for/with him, not to any one of the organizations in the System. He’s a great character in a universe populated mostly by nameless Sarvos and Crayboth.

'We may have common interests, General, but I don't work for you.'

Callgrim has a different aesthetic then the other figures in the Glyos Sytem, and reflects Jesse’s art style in figure form. He stands a bit taller than the other Glyos figures, and has somewhat different proportions, making him stand out from the rest of the Glyos lineup, but he doesn’t look out-of-place at all in a group of other Glyos figures.

Some of the Callgrim colorways

Most Callgrim figures are cast in their colorways, with few paint apps, primarily the eyes and a few details. The paint is never sloppy, and always in great accent colors, and there are a few deluxe, ‘real-type’ paint schemes on some of the more recent Callgrim figures.

Shining, DRT, and Stealth Callgrim

The Deluxe Real-Type Callgrim is one of the best action figures I have, and is what Callgrim looks like in many of Jesse’s paintings. He’s battle-scarred, a little dirty, and looks bad-ass, the way any space-faring mercenary should. This was my ‘Toy of the Year’ last year, and is one of the best figures in my Glyos collection. Jesse has plans to release more figures in this DRT style, and I’m sure they’ll all look as good as Callgrim does.

Deluxe Real-Type Callgrim and 'Reaper Warp Bike. Cooler than most of your toys. :p

Callgrim figures, regardless of colorway or configuration, are made of 27 parts, all using the Glyos System of joints, and are fully compatible with all other Glyos PVC parts and figures. The amount of parts give Callgrim more articulation than other Glyos figures, with a whopping 16 points of articulation, though if you include an extra point on the neck and the backpack that don’t do much for posing, there’s 18. That’s quite a lot for a figure about four inches tall. Even though they’re all swivels, they do allow for a good degree of posing, though less than a modern Star Wars figure. There are three on each leg, two on each arm, one in the midsection, shoulders and thighs, and one (two, really) in the neck.

More Callgrim, including a couple custom-dyed figures.

Callgrim’s guns can be re-configured into different weapons or, as they have been sometimes, as a jetpack. Being compatible with other Glyos parts, they can become pretty much anything that your imagination and selection of parts make possible. All Callgrims come with an extra head, of The Order soldiers, and the backpack part, which is sort of the Callgrim symbol, and is also the head of the reconfigured Callgrim figure known as a Dome. None of my figures are in the Dome configuration, as I happen to really like Callgrim better, but the Domes are also cool.

Pheyden and Callgrim; best frenemies forever.

Callgrim, like all Glyos figures, is a toy that doesn’t just sit on the shelf; it’s a toy you can play with, take apart and build with, and not worry about breaking. Like Captain Scarlet, Glyos PVC is indestructible. (Well, mostly, but they can melt) But if you drop them, don’t worry, they’ll be OK, which is more than can be said of some toys out there. (I won’t name names, but I know many of you must have toys that broke when they shouldn’t have.)

'You used to be so cool and mysterious, Fett. What happened to you, bro?'

I have to be honest, and say that it took me a while to warm up to Callgrim. I was really into Glyos for a while before I got one, and even then used most of the parts for building rather than leaving a Callgrim in his original build. The DRT Callgrim and Jesse’s art really convinced me that Callgrim is a great character and figure, and now I can’t get enough of him. With Jesse’s plans to put out more Deluxe Real Type figures, and to have more characters in the future, I’m hooked on Callgrim as much as I am on Onell’s Glyos releases. If you like Glyos, you should have a Callgrim in your collection, you’ll have a hole in it until you do, he’s one of the best characters in the line. (The next DRT figure, Hexxer, is available on the website now. Get one before they’re gone.)

'Go get one. Now.'


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