Hexxer is the second Deluxe Real Type figure from Jesse Moore of RawShark Studios. The first was the DRT Callgrim and Reaper Warp Bike set, which was amazing. The bar was set pretty high with that set, and I hoped Jesse could live up to the standard he set. Did he? Read on…

Deluxe Real Type Hexxer

Answer; Abso-freakin-lutely! Not only does Hexxer measure up to the standard set by DRT Callgrim, I think he’s even better. The DRT, custom-style paint is amazing, with detail everywhere, no slop anywhere, and he looks better in person than in pictures. Which I’m very happy about; I wasn’t so sure about him when I first saw pics on Jesse’s site (callgrim.com), but when I got this figure I was blown away by the style and detail of Jesse’s painting, and by the ability of the factory to match it on a production figure. He really looks like he’s been in more than a few fights in his day, and it’s hard to believe this is straight from the factory.

'Whatcha lookin at punk'

Even though Hexxer is made of the same parts as Callgrim, the paint really makes him a unique character. While there have been a few characters introduced in the Callgrim story, Hexxer is the first of those to receive the DRT treatment, though I hope we’ll see more soon. He comes in a screen-printed box with Jesse’s impressive artwork depicting the character, his rifle and a flight pack, and three additional heads, in case you prefer one of those to the Hexxer head. That’s 38 parts overall, interchangeable with all other Glyos and Callgrim parts (utilizing the Glyos System of joints, which you should be familiar with by now. If you’re not, what’s wrong with you? Go get some Glyos!).

DRT Hexxer box art

Additional heads and the other side of the box

Hexxer has 16 points of articulation (22 if you count the extras on the neck and the backpack, but they don’t add too much for posing, so I usually don’t count them). They’re all swivel joints, but it’s the placement of them that allows for the good poseability. He’s a bit taller than most figures from the Glyos line, but fits in well with them.

'You're taller in person."

In the storyline, Hexxer is the Wraith Dominar, commanding a special faction of The Order called the Umbra Vie, and has a psychic connection with The Wraith, large robot war machines. They form a symbiotic death-dealing duo feared throughout the Glyos System. He works with Callgrim and The Order in whatever their plans may be. Sometimes ally, sometimes enemy, to Pheyden, the main character of the Glyos story.

DRT Callgrim and DRT Hexxer

'Nice colors, Cap, but you're too clean-cut to be in my army.'

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of RawShark/Jesse Moore’s figures come out. The detail put into these is amazing, especially coming from a pretty-much one-man operation. I know Jesse has some great characters in his head, just waiting to come to life in figure form. These really show what can be done with Glyos System figures, and have a level of detail seen previously only on custom Glyos figures. Jesse has once again raised the bar on the quality and detail of Glyos figures. If you’re thinking of getting one (and you should be, they’re one of the best figures I’ve gotten this year), there are still some available over on callgrim.com. But hurry up, I don’t anticipate them lasting much longer.