Realm Of The Underworld Hercules Review

Hercules 1

Rounding out the Coverage of Wave 1 of ROTU is the only Hero in the line so far. I’m not usually one for good guys, but Herc here really surprised me with his awesomeness. This figure has some really neat features, so without further delay let’s take a look at Hercules.

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According to the bio: HERCULES was born with remarkable strength. He is able to complete tasks that no mortal is able to accomplish. Being the favorite son of ZEUS, his father knew that this mission will earn HERCULES a great honor once again, but also feared that his son now can be hurt. ZEUS knew if HADES decides to summon great monsters to fight his son, HERCULES would need powerful allies to aid him. The mighty CYCLOPS would be one of those allies! ZEUS hid the SWORD OF HEROES deep into the depths of the world for HERCULES to uncover. This sword has the power to unlock the prison that traps these giant one eyed warriors.

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Hercules is great! His removable “fur” pelt really makes him stand out from the other 5.5 style figures around, and as an added bonus it gives you a place to store his awesome looking sword. I like how old mythology is being worked into the ROTU story, and from that bio it would seem like Cyclops may be one of the fabled 16 inch Giants in the line. Being the only hero in the line (until wave 2’s Kry Sis comes) Hercules has a lot of bad dudes to contend with between the Acromancer and the Skeletons, but his large (and neatly sculpted) golden sword looks more than capable of knocking dem bones around with ease. One of the cool things about this figure is the clip on dagger/ sheath that can be put onto any of the other ROTU figures, which reminds me that I should have taken some pics of it and the pelt on different guys…oh well there is always wave 2. As a 5.5 hero Hercules is cool and unique enough to stand out in the crowd of other figures on the shelf, and that is about the best thing you can say about any toy.

Hercules 6

Hercules 7

Paint on my Hercules is great! On Acromancer the paint was a bit thick, but it seems like that was a one time issue as Herc here has some great paint work on him. The only issue is a small dot of black paint on his leg, but at the very reasonable prices these guys cost and the excellent service of Zoloworld I find it hard to be bothered by it. On the rest of the QC front Hercules is 100% rad!

Hercules 8

Hercules 9

Hercules 10

Hercules comes with 3 accessories; you get his sword, his pelt, and the dagger/sheath that can be clipped to quite a few places on his body. I was originally worried about the dagger’s handle being too small, but it fits in his hand just fine. Seeing all the great accessories these guys come with makes me drool for the upcoming battle pack.

Hercules 11

Hercules 12

Hercules 13

Hercules has the standard 6 points of articulation of hips on ball joints, waist, shoulders, and head swivels. The classic style of articulation works well, and lets you get Herc into some fun poses.

Hercules 14

Hercules 15

Hercules 16

Overall I really love Hercules and the whole ROTU line so far! Pre orders for Wave 2 open up on May 24th in the ROTU store at 12PM EST so I would suggest scooping wave one before they are gone in the wave 2 madness sales!

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