Realm Of The Underworld Preytus The Wraith Of Acheron Review

Preytus 1Every fantasy line needs a ninja type dude, and Preytus is here to save ROTU from not having a ninja. Coming with quite the unique look, Preytus really stands out from the rest of the 5.5 fantasy figures out there. Let’s take a look at Preytus.

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Preytus 4According to the bio: Once a greedy thief unrecognized due to always covering his face from suspecting eyes. A master of stealth being able to enter areas without being detected. Now, twisted into darkness, this specter creeps through the underworld with his STAFF OF PAIN and dark chains to capture wanderers turning them into ARCHFIENDS to serve their dark leader for all of eternity!

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Preytus 7Preytus is great! His body is produced in white GITD (with a bright glow) plastic, and his head…my god his head is awesome like some kind of Asian MMA fighter with a sweet topknot hairdo. Preytus is a ghost and a ninja which means he is mathematically one of the coolest beings around town. Usually I am not a fan of soft goods, but in retro style figures like this I think they look good. Preytus has a cool looking robe with long sleeves, and a removable ninja mask hood that makes deciding to display him with it on or off a tough choice. He also is rocking the same belt as the Archfiend Ultimate Evil edition, and the same armor as the Acromancer Underworld edition painted up in a slick red/grey paint scheme. He like Archterrus also has a real metal chain, but this time we get a black chain which is once again secured to the figure with a small bit of thread so it doesn’t fall off. Also of note id Preytus sports new non bracered arms, and any time new parts get added to the mix it is cause for excitement. I think Zoloworld is doing well by introducing some other elements to the mythological setting they have created with the other ROTU figures so far, and I love that fact that Hercules is now hanging with an undead hero while fighting off ninjas and skeletons.


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QC on my Preytus is perfect. He has a light spray of dark paint on parts of his skin that him from looking like he is solid white. All of the paint looks clean, but his face in particular with the beard, mustache, and eyes all looking tight is the biggest boon to the painted parts being exceptional. As expected all his joints work well and there are no complaints in the QC department.

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Preytus comes with his staff that is GITD, armor(dig that sweet painted on crack), belt, chain, and robe/hood. This wave of ROTU figures has done a great job delivering some awesome accessories, and Preytus come with some very cool ones for sure, and the ones re used form previous figures even manage to look fresh with new paint jobs or in conjunction with the other stuff.

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Articulation on Preytus is the same as ROTU figures. 6 points of articulation with most of them being swivels except the ball jointed hips is the standard, but it works so no complaints there.

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Preytus 17Overall Preytus is another great figure in a great wave of figures. His ninja style will help him stand out from your other 5.5 figures, and he would make a good chum for your Ninjor as well. As with the rest of wave 2 you can snag a Preytus for your very own right now in the ROTU Store.

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