RealxHead Mini Bigaro TMNT Edition Review

This is my first RealxHead vinyl. I’ve seen a lot of RealxHead stuff I’ve liked, but for one reason or another, didn’t get any of them. At least partly because I knew I’d want to start a collection of them if I did get one. I knew this was one of the first that I would want, so when I saw it for a good price, I had to buy it. What do I think of it now?…

RealxHead Mini Bigaro

I love it. I can’t say enough about this little figure. And, to be clear, he is little. About the size of a Glyos figure, which is smaller than I thought he was. Even knowing it was a ‘mini’, I still thought he was a bit taller than he is, partly due to the fact that these minis don’t seem to be pictured with other figures, usually, so it was tough to be sure of the size or scale.

He's huuuuuge

Bigaro is a great mini sculpt, I believe based on the full-size Bigaro sculpt. RealxHead uses the same body for a lot of their minis, so Bigaro has the same body as Mini Mutant Head, Mini Chaos, and probably others, with a different head sculpt. All the details that are in the full-size figure are here in the mini, too, from the cracks in his ‘shell’ to the folds in his pants.

'You look taller in your pictures.'

This is the TMNT Edition, and Bigaro is a ‘Donatello’ tribute. I’ll be honest and say that when it comes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I stopped reading them when they were still in black-and-white, so without weapons, I can’t tell them apart. But, the paint is great, and done in the typical style for Japanese vinyls, so the colors are more ‘impressions’ than the exacting detail usually seen in action figures. The white on his belt buckle is sort of a halo of color around the buckle area, but the paint on the eye and his black belt and wristbands are more exact and without slop.

Bigaro is good with Crayboth.

RealxHead vinyls appeal to me more than most Japanese vinyls, partly because of the characters, and partly because they often don’t have the crazy, garish colors of other Japanese vinyls, sofubi, and Kaiju figures. I prefer the toned-down colors over the ‘Cosby Sweaters’ many vinyl figures have, as I’m more of an action figure collector than a vinyl toy collector. He has the typical vinyl articulation, that being the swivel shoulders, and that’s all. RealxHead Minis usually have a swivel neck, too, but due to the way Bigaro is sculpted, his head doesn’t rest on the neck joint, so it doesn’t turn.

Bigaro always goes to the best parties.

The other problem I usually have with Japanese vinyl is the prices of most of them. Not only do I think that they are quite high for what they are, you often have to pay a lot for the international shipping. I got this guy for about half the normal cost, shipped within the US from another collector, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to get my first RealxHead figure. I know and understand the reasons that are usually given for the cost of vinyl, and don’t want to spend time getting into why some of those reasons make sense and some are just excuses, so I’ll just say that it’s either worth it to you, or it’s not. If you’re like me, and usually think it’s not, then consider a cheaper Mini to start with, you might be surprised that it may change your mind. I find myself really wanting a Chaos Trooper and full-size Bigaro now.

Mini Bigaro

Overall, this Mini Bigaro is one of the better toys I’ve gotten recently, and has really made me love RealxHead figures. He has a good mix of cute and scary, something I love seeing in toys, is a great sculpt and cool little character, and reminds me a bit of The Awful Green Things (google it :p ). He fits well with other vinyls, with Glyos figures, and with all sorts of Kaiju and monster toys. But be aware of where he’s displayed in your home…

He watches you sleep.




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