A few weeks ago at Boston Comic Con I stumbled across a table that was selling a lot of Japanese toys, amid the Pokemon and DBZ stuff was a single Revoltech figure. The Guy at the table was asking $25 for Gyaos here but I managed to talk him down to $20 which is a steal for any Revoltech figure especially one from the Godzilla family of monsters. Lets take a look at Gyaos.

According to Wikipedia: In Gamera vs. Gyaos, Gyaos appeared in Japan from a large cavern, and feasted on blood (principally that of livestock and human beings). Soon, Gamera confronted Gyaos, and after a battle, Gyaos was forced to flee and Gamera was forced into the ocean to recover. It is soon learned that light from the sun causes Gyaos’ tissue to shrivel, so the light of the city stadium of Nagoya kept Gyaos at bay. Gamera soon returned to finish Gyaos off and, after a battle in the air, Gyaos cut off his own foot to escape from the sun. The protagonists developed a plan to place artificial blood on a rooftop in Nagoya. The plan was to keep Gyaos drinking the blood for so long that the sun would come up and kill him. But Gyaos proved more cunning than originally thought and used a strange fog attack to protect himself from the sun. The next plan was to lure Gamera to Gyaos’ lair in the forest by setting the forest on fire. Gyaos used his fog attack to put out the flames, but Gamera arrived and eventually defeated Gyaos by throwing the beast into a volcano.

Beyond knowing that Gyaos was a villain of Gamera I didn’t know much about him before I bought this figure, but he is cool looking and fits in with my love of giant monsters so I scooped him right up at the $20 price point. The SCI-FI line of Revoltech figures encompasses a lot of different stuff from Iron Man to Pixar characters, but arguably their coolest figures in this line are the Godzilla type giant monsters which many people are big fans of. They are packed with great articulation and tons of details making them great figures for collectors. This figure is based off of his first appearance in 1967 instead of some of his later incarnations, which they do have a few figures for as well.

This Gyaos figure looks really good, with his leathery skin draping in all the right places and filled with plenty of textures to make him look like he is actually monster and not a guy in a rubber suit. Being a Revoltech figure the amount of poses you can get him into is pretty large and he has some neat features, like the way his neck moves in and out depending on what position his head is in.

Paint on my Gyaos is solid, with most of his body being molded in the brown of his skin with a dark red wash over most of his skin. His eyes and teeth are beautifully painted with no slop of fuzz anyplace. The only area he has any issues is on his various claws, there is a little bit of slop between them and his skin, but its hardly noticeable unless you are really looking for it.

Gyaos comes with a great assortment of accessories, you get the standard Revoltech clear orange box to store spare parts in, a v shaped stand with a clip to attach to his tail for flying poses, a spare foot with removable toes to simulate his cutting his own foot off, a energy beam that plugs into his mouth and a plane that attaches to the beam so he can “shoot” it down, the energy beam is an amazing accessory that is molded in translucent yellow plastic. He also comes with a name plate (in Japanese) and a miniature Gamera who is flying through the air. The mini Gamera is well sculpted and painted and his energy trail starts translucent grey and moves to translucent green, it’s a great piece and a nice little touch to the figure.

Articulation on Gyaos is (much like all the Revoltech figures) phenomenal, he’s got revolver joints (with the satisfying click) on his neck, chest, shoulders, the middle of his wings, hips, knees and ankles. He also has swivels at the claws on his wings and his neck and jaw have hinges. Revoltech manages to hide a good deal of the joints so the figure is not only super poseable but looks great as well.

Overall I’m really happy with this Gyaos figure, he wasn’t a monster I was terribly familiar with but after playing with the toy so much I want to go out and watch Gamera some more now. If you find this figure online someplace he would be a great addition to your display of giant monsters any day.

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