Smash Tokyo Toys Seismic Ace

Seismic Ace was the first toy by the small Australian company Smash Tokyo Toys. Created by Matty-Boom-Batty (aka Matt Walls), Seismic Ace is the premier robot in Matty’s world of awesome giant robots, all of which have a 70s-Japanese, Shogun Warriors feel to them. Released a few years ago, I’ve wanted one since I first saw them, and I finally got one. So what do I think? Keep reading, I’ll tell you.

Smash Tokyo Toys Seismic Ace

Seismic Ace was to be the first of a line of Super Robot toys by artist Matty-Boom-Batty of Smash Tokyo Toys. The line didn’t continue in the way planned, and Smash Tokyo Toys is no more (it has been changed to the all-new, better Anyoldion Toys), but that isn’t to suggest that this was in any way a failure. This is a seriously cool, impressive chunk of resin.

Only Super Robots can get away with the drill-head look. Don't poke fun, you might get poked back.

Seismic Ace is roughly eight inches tall, and is made of strong heavy resin. I’ve dropped this guy, and it did more damage to my floor than to the figure. (Not that I suggest testing that out, it’s not indestructible, and your floor probably isn’t either.) Ace really seems to be a robot out of time; the design harkens back to the Japanese Super Robots of the 70s, and in the backstory Ace is a German robot from World War 2. (In the sometime-soon-to-be-released line of vinyls from Anyoldion Toys, we’ll see his Allied counterpart, but I’ll focus on the toy at-hand and leave any further story details out of the review.) It’s a very solid sculpt and design, and I like the statuesque look and simple 70s feel of it.

Seismic Ace. Tougher than most of your robots.

Now here’s where I say that I’m a little biased toward this toy for a few reasons. I’m a fan of everything Matty has put out and designed, and also of the Japanese Super Robots that Seismic Ace pays homage to. Some of my earliest toy memories involve Shogun Warriors and Chogokin, so there’s a bit of nostalgia at play that influences my opinions on this toy. I also really like to support the work of smaller companies/toy makers/artists, so I’m always on the lookout for this type of limited-run toy by a smaller company. That being said, Seismic Ace is really cool even if you’re not into the style of robot toy that he is. I mean really, just look how bad-ass he is.

Not just a can, this is a whole barrel of whoop-ass.

Seismic Ace is only articulated at the shoulders with a swivel joint that is a bit unusual, using magnets in the arms and body to stay in place. The magnets are pretty darn strong, will hold the arms in any position, and won’t get loose over time like some toy joints do. There are no paint apps, the whole figure being cast in a shiny gold resin, ready to be painted any way you like, or left as-is, looking like an idol Lara Croft might be tomb-raider-ing to recover.

He's Goldbon's Idol

While there have been a few other, smaller toys put out by Smash Tokyo Toys (and some to come from Anyoldion Toys), Seismic Ace was the first, and so far, the most impressive and unique. He doesn’t look at all out-of-place with my Chogokin toys, and fits in with just about any collection of robot toys. It’s one great design in a chunk of resin so heavy you could knock someone out with it. (Not that I’m suggesting you test that out, that would be irresponsible of me. I’m just saying it’s possible that, in an emergency, Seismic Ace could save your life.) Seismic Ace is a great Super Robot toy, and if he appeals to you at all, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. You never know, he just might save your life. (Or at least look great on your shelf of robot toys.)

Seismic Ace saved my life. Thanks Seismic Ace!



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