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Here is a quick update about another big batch of cool new preorders as well as some great new arrivals.

SCI-FI REVOLTECH SPIDER-MAN We have just learned that a Sci-Fi Revoltech version of the Amazing Spider-man is on the way. it should arrive in August and is priced at $54.99.
GENTLE GIANT OFFERINGS Five new items are on their way from Gentle Giant. The 12″ scale “Kenner” figure line continues with Yoda, complete with robe and orange snake, and he is listed at $67.99, $7 off the MSRP. There is also a Ree Yees Mini Bust priced at $67.99 ($7 off the MSRP) and a White Clone Trooper Deluxe Statue that is to come with many alternate arms, and this piece is priced at $238.99, $26 off the MSRP. Part-time Avenger Moon Knight is getting his own Mini Bust, and it is priced at $62.99, $7 off the MSRP. Finally, the Deadpool Corps gets a box set including a bust of Kidpool and statues of Headpool, Dogpool and Squirrelpool; this set is priced at $179.99, $19 off the MSRP.
19″ Universal Monsters Monster Scale Frankenstein We’ve just put up this new 19″ Monster Scale Frankenstein from Mezco. Each one is packaged in his own collector friendly display box.
Living Dead Dolls Presents: Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse New in the Living Dead Dolls collection, we have the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; War, Famine, Death, and Pestilance. Each doll comes complete with real cloth clothing and their own unique hobby horse. Pestilence also comes with a plague mask and War comes with a helmet and gas mask..
Living Dead Dolls: Toy Soldier Another Living Dead Doll just put up is the Toy Soldier. Standing proudly in his dress uniform, the Toy Solder comes complete with a faux bearskin hat and is packaged in a special holiday coffin.
KOTOBUKIYA ITEMS Kotobukiya has a number of new items up for pre-orders. Hawkeye gets added to the Classic Avengers Fine Art Statue line with a 1/6 scale statue that is priced at $188.99, $21 below the MSRP. Boba Fett’s “Return of the Jedi” version is available as an ArtFX 1/10 scale piece, priced at $44.99 ($5 off the MSRP), and Dark Knight Rises Batman is the subject of a 1/6 scale ArtFX Statue priced at $116.99, $13 off the MSRP. In addition to these we have D-Style model kits of ARX-8 Laevatein from Full Metal Panic! and Yui Takamura’s Takemikaduchi Type-00F, each listed at $17.99, Yusuke Urameshi as an ArtFX J Figure from YuYu Hakusho at $53.99, Yozora Mikazuki and Miki Hoshii Ani-Statues at $62.99 and $71.99 respectively and a Mawaru Penguindrum One Coin Figure Box of 12 at $53.99.
PORTAL GUN REPLICA – P-BODY VERSION (for past Portal customers only) Please Note: We are reserving all P-Body Replica stock for customers who had their previous BBTS Portal Gun preorder cancelled – read below for details on reinstating your preorder. From May 16th to May 21st, we are only accepting orders from prior customers with cancelled preorders. We unfortunately do not have records of those orders, as data was deleted when the preorders were deleted – so we cannot automatically re-instate. If you would like to preorder the P-Body version, please forward us a copy of your original BBTS preorder confirmation email, or a copy of the BBTS cancellation email and a request to preorder 1 piece of the P-Body version. We have limited stock available from NECA, first come, first served – if any stock remains on May 21st, we will open the preorder on the site to all customers.
MARVEL BOWEN STATUES & BUSTS Four new items from Bowen Designs are listed for pre-order. We have the Savage Hulk 15″ Statue at $239.99, the Magneto Action 19″ Statue at $294.99, the Spider-Man Red Museum 12″ Statue at $224.99 and a Maestro 7.5″ Mini Bust at $89.99.
NEW JAPAN IMPORT FIGURES This link goes to a list of eighteen new import items. We have the Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam Psycho Frame both by itself and with the Glowing Stage, S.H. Figuarts Deka Blue, Giant God Warrior Figma Action Figure, Ultraman Gaia Supreme Ultra-Act Figure, multiple Kamen Rider figures and more.
JAPAN IMPORT PRE-ORDERS PART 2 A second batch of import pre-orders gives us Infinite Stratos Armor Girls Project Laura Bodewig, Digimon D-Arts Dukemon, S.H. Figuarts Red Hawk, Robot Damashii Vox Aura from Rinne no Lagrange, S.H. Figuarts Silver Crow, Figuarts Zero figures from one Piece, Aquarion Evol and Rurouni Kenshin, a Chibi Arts Princess Shirahoshi and S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Storm and Kamen Rider Tiger.
WWE – FIGURES, FLEXFORCE, RUMBLERS, RINGS, BELTS A whole year’s worth of WWE items is up for pre-orders. We have Basic Figure Cases for waves 13 – 19, as well as Basic Figure Two-Packs, Elite Figures, Flexforce figure cases, Rumbler Two-Packs and Playsets, WWE Rings and WWE Belts, all sold by the case.
DRAGON 1/6 SCALE PANZER TANK We have just listed a new 1/6 scale WWII Panzer II Ausf.C. It is loaded with detail as Dragon vehicles usually are and has moving turret parts, opening hatches for your tank crew and more. This large vehicle is listed at $549.99 and should arrive this July.
1/18 SCALE U.S. NAVY SBD-3 “DAUNTLESS” MIDWAY – PREBUILT MODEL Merit International is releasing a new version of the SBD-3. This prebuilt model has newly-tooled parts and is priced at $164.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.
EVANGELION REAL ACTION HEROES – SHINJI, KAWORU These 1/6 scale figures show the boys in their school shirts and pants. Each figure is listed at $219.99, and they go well with the school uniform versions of Asuka and Rei.
RHINO 18″ COMIQUETTE Sideshow’s new sculpt shows the Spider-Man villain hunched over in a charging pose, and is loaded with detail both in the face and the rhino armor. It measures 18″ tall by 14.5″ wide and 21.5″ deep and is listed at $389.99.
HOT WHEELS HERITAGE A-TEAM VAN This new version of the A-Team’s ride is done in 1/18 scale and priced at $59.99, $5 off of the MSRP.
SDCC 2012 QUANTUM MECHANIX ITEMS Quantum Mechanix has announced two upcoming exclusives for Comic-Con. The Battlestar Galactica Animated Admiral Adama statue measures 5.9″ tall and is listed at $54.99, while the Serenity Little Damn Heroes Shepherd Book Maquette is listed at $36.99.
MLB SPORTSPICKS BRYCE HARPER This hot new player is getting his own figure from Sportspicks without having to wait for a new wave. He comes in a batting pose and is listed at $12.99.
DRAGON 1/6 SCALE FIGURES We have two new figure listings from Dragon. The US Ranger Captain “Mill”, France 1944, is listed singly at $99.99; it is also listed as a part of a set of 6 figures including Sergeant “Mickey” and PFCs “Jim”, “Richie”, “Danny” and “Cappy” for $499.99.
THUNDERBIRDS MODEL KITS Old school fans will be happy to see these new items. We have listings for the Tracy Island International Rescue kit at $98.99, the 1/350 scale TB2 Container Dock kit at $72.99, the 1/144 scale Thunderbird 1 kit at $48.99, the 1/72 scale Mole kit at $64.99 and the 1/350 scale Thunderbird 2 & 4 kit at $42.99.
MATTEL GAMES Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja dominate the new offerings from Mattel, with four and two games, respectively, but there is also a new Cut the Rope game and the family strategy game Blokus, as well as the return of classic favorites like the Magic 8-Ball and Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots.
MONSTER HUNTER REVOLTECH LIOLAEUS The Giant red dragon Liolaeus is the first figure from Monster Hunter to be represented in the Revoltech franchise. We have this figure listed at $49.99, with an expected release date of July.
1/72 SCALE “THE LAST J-MISSION” APOLLO 17 SET This new model kit contains the final Lunar Module as well as the Command/Service Module and Lunar Roving Vehicle. It also includes a Moon Landing display base and more, and is priced at $56.99.
1/72 SCALE F/A-18F SUPER HORNET VFA-102 Merit is doing a new version of the Super Hornet. This version is listed at $59.99 ($7 below MSRP) and should arrive this July.

MOVIE MASTERPIECE DX08 1/6 SCALE 1989 JOKER This figure is sculpted after Jack Nicholson’s performance of the Joker in the 1989 movie “Batman”. It has the PERS moving eye system and comes with multiple hands, many accessories, a full outfit with purple overcoat and more. We have this figure listed at $249.99, $15 off the MSRP.
MOVIE MASTERPIECE 1/6 SCALE BLACK COSTUME SPIDER-MAN “Spider-Man 3” brings us this version of Spider-Man in his black costume. It includes multiple hands, an additional Tobey Maguire head sculpt, multiple webs and a Sandman diorama display base. This figure is listed at $194.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.
BATHING APE x TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME – GRAY CAMO VERSION We were able to get a small quantity of these and ended up with a few left over after fulfilling our pre-orders. This piece is very limited and is priced at $299.99.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME ROBOTS IN DISGUISE VOYAGER SERIES 02 – CASE, SET, SINGLES We have received a small restock shipment of Voyager Series 02. We have the case of 4 (two of Optimus Prime, one each of Starscream and Bulkhead) priced at $89.99. We also have the set of Starscream and Bulkhead in stock, priced at $64.99, and singles of Optimus Prime at $18.99 each.
UN-22 G2 OPTIMUS PRIME Our restock shipment of G2 Optimus Prime has also arrived. This figure is primarily black and red, emulating the G2 Laser Optimus Prime, and is listed at $44.99.
LEGEND OF ZELDA TWILIGHT PRINCESS LINK ON EPONA This statue shows Link wielding his sword from the back of Epona while the horse rears up on its hind legs. It measures about 17″ tall and is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. We have it listed at $419.99, $30 off the MSRP.
STORM 12″ STATUE This piece shows Storm as she appeared in her black outfit and headdress from when she joined the X-Men. This piece is listed at $229.99.
SMURFS FIGURES Ten more Smurfs figures from Schleich have arrived at our warehouse. These include Swimmer Smurf, Gymnast Smurfette and Weightlifter Smurf, and they are priced at $5.99 each.
Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out some of the many cool new items shown above.
Joel & The BBTS Crew www.bigbadtoystore.com

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