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Here is a quick update about a big batch of new arrivals. There were big deliveries of new items this week so we have many more instock announcements than normal. Also a nice round of new preorder items.

TRANSFORMERS PRIME ARMS MICRON VOLUME 02 The second wave of includes Megatron/Cannon, Bulkhead/Knuckle, Arcee/Blade and Snapping Turtle/Shield. We have these figures listed at $29.99 for a Box of 12, or $849.99 for a Case of 300.
NEW BANDAI JAPAN COLLECTOR ITEMS Fresh new listings from Bandai Japan include: Saint Cloth Crown – 1/6 Scale Poseidon Seiya, Ultraman Max Ultra-Act Figure, Super Robot Chogokin Might Gaine, and three new Robot Spirits and accessories.
BBTS EXCLUSIVE MORTAL KOMBAT SONYA BLADE STATUE This 10″ statue shows Sonya in the middle of a high kick and includes both regular and gun-wielding left arms, as well as a right arms with removable energy rings. This exclusive is listed at $144.99.
NEW POWER ATTACK BATMAN We have just listed some new Batman items. We have playsets, vehicles, cases of figures and more. Check out all of the new items at the link.
NEW BOWEN MARVEL STATUES, BUST Six new items are on their way from Bowen Designs. Marvel gets two 12″ statues – a Spider-Man Museum statue in Black Costume and an Angel in his original X-Men outfit. We also have new listings for two website exclusive statues – a 16″ Faux Bronze Beta Ray Bill Statue and an 12″ Captain America Avengers Statue – and a Previews Exclusive 12″ Wasp Classic Statue. In addition, there is also a listing for a new version of the Avalanche 6″ mini bust, which has been re-engineered to have a stronger base connection. The statues are priced at $224.99, $229.99, $299.99, $179.99 and $224.99 respectively, while the bust is listed at $79.99.
KNIGHT RIDER K.I.T.T. 1:15 SCALE CAR This 14″ version of the famous talking car also features voice, lights and sound effects. It is listed at $49.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.
FANTASY FIGURE GALLERY – HOT BOX 1/4 SCALE STATUE This piece has a woman in a leather outfit and skullcap wielding a gun while standing atop a horizontal loaded magazine. It is listed at $299.99.
MARIO KART 7 RACING ITEMS Listings are now up for a number of Mario Kart 7 racing items. We have import R/C cars of Mario, Luigi, Kuppa and Yoshi at $74.99 each, and the Flying Circuit Race Track at $134.99.
COMMANDER NEYO 12″ FIGURE Sideshow’s Militaries of Star Wars line continues with Clone Commander Neyo. He is wearing his maroon-detailed armor and comes with multiple hands, two weapons and more. We have this figure listed at $129.99, $5 off the MSRP.
STAR WARS KUBRICKS Medicom has announced that three Star Wars Kubrick Two-Packs are coming back. We have listings for C-3P0 & R2-D2, Darth Vader & 501st Clone Trooper and Darth maul & Sith Speeder, each at $39.99 for the pair of figures.
NEW SPIDER-MAN ITEMS PART 2 Three new stragglers made their way onto our pre-order lists this week. The Amazing Spider-Man R/C Speed-Climbing Figure will go in any direction on the floor, wall and presumably ceiling, and is listed at $44.99. We also have the Stretchy Web Shooter & Mask Set, priced at $16.99, and the Deluxe Rapid Fire Web Shooter Pack with Mask and Spider-Sense Light, priced at $35.99.
DYNAMITE ACTION GAIKING This new version of the classic robot comes from Evolution Toy and is fully transformable. it also comes with many accessories such as a drill arm, weapons and more, and is listed at $199.99.
TRANSFORMERS SUPER-GOD MASTERFORCE DVD SET The second part of the Transformers Japanese Collection is the Super-God Masterforce series. This set includes all 42 episodes with new & improved English subtitles, and is listed at $33.99.
GI JOE RENEGADES SEASON 01 VOLUME 01 DVD BOX SET This new cartoon recast the Joes as a smaller group on the run from a frame-up courtesy of Cobra. The box set includes the first 13 episodes of Season 1 and is priced at $24.99.
DC UNIVERSE – SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE DVD, BLU-RAY The next movie to come out from the DC Universe tells the story of Superman taking on a new breed of heroes. This one is available on DVD at $22.99 or as a Blu-Ray & DVD set at $29.99.
MARVEL MOVIES SLOT CAR TRACK SET Carrera of America is releasing two slot car sets for the Marvel movies coming out this summer. The Avengers Hero Team Chase set is listed at $89.99, and the Spider-Man Manhattan Madness set is listed at $109.99.
CM TOYS ROMAN GLADIATOR BUSTS CM Toys is making a new line of Roman Gladiator busts. They come in two different styles so far, and each is done in tan, gold or silver. We have these busts listed at $29.99.
NEW DOCTOR WHO ITEMS Five new Doctor Who items are up for pre-order. We have the Projection Watch at $17.99, the TARDIS Ceramic Cookie Jar at $39.99, the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain Torch (flashlight) at $12.99, the Magnifying Compass Watch at $22.99 and the TARDIS Adult Analog Watch at $49.99.
UNIVERSAL MONSTERS BLACK & WHITE SET 02 Diamond Select’s second black and white box set includes Dracula, Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. Each figure includes a display stand, and the box set is listed at $47.99.
STAR TREK NCC-1701-D PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE MOVIE COLOR VERSION This new release is physically the same as the Aoshima import ship, but this version includes a Previews-exclusive paintjob taken from the ship’s appearance in the 1994 movie “Generations”. This version is priced at $159.99, $10 off the MSRP.
DARK KNIGHT RISES 2″ MINI MEZ-ITZ SET – BANE & BATTLE-DAMAGED BATMAN WITH TUMBLER This Previews-exclusive set includes the Tumbler with its new desert camo paintjob as well as 2″ Mini Mez-Itz of Bane and Battle-Damaged Batman. We have this set listed at $27.99.
LEGO LED KEY LIGHTS This mini flashlights come in a variety of styles. we have Darth maul, Yoda and the Stormtrooper from Star Wars, in addition to random Ninjago and Spaceman versions. Each is listed at $11.99.
HOLLYWOOD DIE-CAST CARS SERIES 03 CASE This case includes die-cast versions of some of Hollywood’s most famous vehicles. It includes both the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback and the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T cars from “Bullitt” as well as cars from “The Fast and the Furious”, “Animal House” and more. This case of 12 is listed at $69.99.

1/6 SCALE MOVIE MASTERPIECE IRON MAN MARK II – ARMOR UNLEASHED VERSION This version of Iron Man Mark II not only includes a Don Cheadle face sculpt, but includes removable armor parts and an internal exoskeleton (endoskeleton?) underneath. It includes light up boots, display stand, ARC Reactor and eyes, and is listed at $194.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP for the figure.
ELVIS PRESLEY ’68 COMEBACK SPECIAL FIGURE The King of Rock ‘N Roll’s new figure measures 13″ tall and has over 25 points of articulation. He comes with the cloth outfit that duplicates the one he wore on his special, as well as a microphone, guitar, stand and more. This figure is listed at $214.99, saving you $35 off of the MSRP; no fan will want to miss out on this figure.
TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2012 BOOK 01 This new volume is all in Japanese, but is in full color with information and pictures about the Transformers Prime line as well a the tail end of the Dark of the Moon figures and a complete chapter with all the G1 Pretenders. It is priced at $39.99 and makes a great visual source.
WETA SHIPMENT Our new WETA shipment includes something for everyone. For Tintin fans we have the Tintin & Snowy 1/6 Scale Statue at $199.99 and the Snowy The Terrier Statue at $39.99. Lord of the Rings fans will enjoy the Rivendell 18″ Environment, priced at $398.99, and Orthanc, priced at $248.99. There is also the WETA: The Collector’s Guide, a hardcover book showing every fine art collectible they’ve created over the past 10 years. This book is listed at $29.99.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME ROBOTS IN DISGUISE FIGURES We have had a fairly large shipment come through, and we have a number of new items in stock, as well as restock items. We have the Series 02 and 03 Cases of 8 at $104.99 each. We also have the Series 02 Set of 2 at $39.99 ad the Series 02 Set of 6 at $89.99. Finally, we have singles of Bumblebee, Arcee, Autobot Ratchet, Knockout and Hot Shot, and they are listed at $6.00 to $21.99 each.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME ROBOTS IN DISGUISE VOYAGER OPTIMUS PRIME This is a great opportunity to pick up the Voyager version of Optimus Prime from the cartoon. This figure is priced at $18.99, so if you missed out on him before, you will want to take this chance to pick him up.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME ARMS MICRON FIGURES, EZ FIGURES We have received a new shipment of Arms Micron figures. This group includes more of AM-4 Ratchet as well as AM-09 Soundwave and AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper, although the latter is running low as it was very popular. Each of these figures is listed at $37.99. In addition to these, we have also received EZ-09 Arcee and EZ-10 Bulkhead, and they are priced at $7.99 and $15.99, respectively.
THOR CLASSIC AVENGERS FINE ART STATUE This statue shows the Thunder God in his classic outfit, raising his hammer to the sky. it measures 13.5″ tall and is listed at $174.99, saving you $25 off of the MSRP.
INVISIBLE WOMAN BISHOUJO RESTOCK This popular statue is now back in stock. It shows Sue Storm standing amidst the shards of a force field and has her hands turning translucent, and we have this figure listed at $49.99, $10 off the MSRP.
LDDP SCARY TALES SERIES 04 SNOW WHITE & EVIL QUEEN Fairy tales are all the rage this year, with TV shows and movies all over the place. Living Dead Dolls Presents continues the line with this two-pack of the Evil Queen and Snow White. Each doll measures 10″ tall, and we have the set listed at $47.99, saving you $8 off the MSRP.
METAL BUILD FREEDOM GUNDAM The next in the Metal build line is the Freedom Gundam from the SEED series. It comes with alternate hands, a special display stand and more, and is listed at $184.99, saving you $10 off the MSRP.
HALO MINIMATES SERIES 04 BOX SET This latest assortment includes Master Chief Mark V, Cortana, the Prophet of Truth and Captain Jacob Keys, all as they appeared in the first Halo game. The set is priced at $15.99, $2 off the MSRP.
THUNDER PUNCH HE-MAN We have managed to get a quantity of this figure for the benefit of our international and other customers. It comes with sword, shield, energy punch effect and more, and we have it listed at $31.99.
GI JOE 12″ ZARTAN, BLACK DRAGON NINJA This week we are treated to a double dose of Sideshow 12″ GI Joe figures. Zartan comes with a backpack with sculpted mask as well as crazy amounts of accessories and replacement parts, while the Black Dragon Ninja comes with plenty of swords, interchangeable hands, shuriken and much more. The Ninja is priced at $129.99, and Zartan is priced at $159.99.
STAR WARS 1/4 SCALE HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE PREMIUM FORMAT This new piece measures 25.5″ tall by 12″ wide and 10″ deep and shows Han as he hung on the wall in Jabba’s palace. This piece has an illuminating light from the base, as well as side panel lights and even a light from within the block itself to illustrate how he melts out of it when being released. This piece is listed at $284.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.
AVENGERS MINIMATES – MOVIE, COMIC VERSIONS We have just received both waves of Avengers minimates in stock. The Movie wave includes Hulk, Cap, iron Man, Thor, Maria Hill, Chitauri Captain and two Chitauri Soldiers, while the Comic wave includes Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, Giant-Man and two Kree Sentries. We have each wave of 8 figures listed at $29.99, saving you $6.00 per set off the MSRP.
HUNK & YELLOW LION SET Mattel’s second Voltron set has been released. This set includes the Yellow Lion and its pilot, Hunk. We have this pack listed at $84.99. Don’t miss out on this one and miss your chance to assemble Voltron!
PSYLOCKE PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE Sideshow’s 22.5″ tall statue of X-Men telepath/telekinetic Psylocke comes with a sword in each hand, as well as an alternate left hand with her psychic knife. It is listed at $284.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.
LARA CROFT PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE The “Tomb Raider” gets a new 19″ statue from Sideshow this week. It shows Lara in her usual outfit, sliding down a rock (inscribed with what appear to be Central American artwork) with a gun at the ready. We have this statue listed at $329.99, $20 off the MSRP.
STAR TREK GORN 1/6 SCALE STATUE This piece is perfect to join your Original Series collection. It stands about 13″ tall, is limited to just 500 pieces and shows him wielding his knife. This statue is priced at $159.99.
MORTAL KOMBAT SCORPION 1/4 SCALE MIXED MEDIA STATUE This piece stands 16.5″ tall by 25″ wide and 11.5″ long and shows the undead assassin in the act of throwing his chained dagger. It is limited to 700 pieces, comes with a glow-in-the-dark base and is priced at $299.99, $15 off the MSRP.
TERMINATOR 2 T-800 BRAIN CHIP REPLICA This is a replica of the chip from the future that Cyberdyne used to bring about that future. it comes in a light-up display with a Cyberdyne plaque and is limited to 400 pieces worldwide. We have this piece listed at $168.99.
ROCKY 1/4 SCALE STATUE This design is taken from Rocky’s look in “Rocky 3” & “Rocky 4″ and shows him in his gloves and red, white & blue trunks. He stands atop a base emblazoned with his name, and this 20” tall piece is limited to 750 pieces. We have this statue listed at $279.99.
S.H. FIGUARTS KAMEN RIDER FOURZE ELEKI STATES The Eleki States figure is the latest from the Kamen Rider Fourze line. This gold figure comes with weapons, Foodroids switches and more, and is listed at $40.99.
AUTOBOT LOGO MUG Show off your Transformers pride with this mug, which has the colored Autobot brand on either side. This mug is listed at $7.99.
ASSASSIN’S CREED BROTHERHOOD EZIO ONYX HOODED VERSION The newest costume version of Ezio has arrived. This one is dressed in black and gray and includes a crossbow as well as his assassin’s knife. This figure is listed at $16.99.
HEAVY BRAMBLE FIGURES ThreeA’s 7″ Heavy Bramble figures have arrived. We have Cydonia Defence, Gravedigger, African Defence, JEA Marine and Deimos Defence versions in stock, priced at $64.99 each.
Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out some of the many cool new items shown above.
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