Spy Monkey Creations Weaponeers of Monkaa and Armory Sets Revisited

Right about now you are likely thinking “why am I looking at a shot of Glyos compatible toys during The Power of Grayskull week?” and the answer is simple. Spy Monkey Creations has done some great stuff for MOTUC fans out there with their Armory sets (Now on sale for $15) which allow you to build tons of cool weapons for 6 Inch figures. I decided to take some pictures of a few builds using Armory parts and Weaponeers of Monkaa Close Combat Armory parts, but first I wanted to get in a few pics of some WoM stuff I neglected to include in my original review of them. Keep reading to see all the builds.

Just a few shots of WoM lined up with other Glyos toys, and some shots using a Gobon from Onell design.


These next weapons were built with specific figures in mind so you will be seeing them with the figures I intended them for.


This next group of pictures are just some fun builds I threw together, and they are all showcased by our resident MOTUC model Scrap-Or.

As you can see from these pictures all the various SMC parts work really well with MOTUC figures. Both the original Armory sets and the new Close Combat sets (as well as the Weaponeers of Monkaa themselves) are available in the SMC Store right now, if you don’t have nay of these cool weapon packs in your MOTUC collection you would do well to order some.


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