Spy Monkey Creations Weaponeers of Monkaa Review

The Boys over at Spy Monkey were nice enough to send me a couple figures from their new line for review. After all the teasers they have been posting, and the general pure awesome that usually comes out of SMC I had high hopes for these figures and as usual SMC delivered with an incredible product. Let’s take a look at the Weaponeers of Monkaa, and the 42 pictures of them I took.

When I first heard Spy Monkey was making their own line of figures I was immediately excited, they have such a great style over there at Spy Monkey HQ that I knew the figures would be totally awesome. Over the past few weeks after creating the official Weaponeers of Monkaa website, and posting the back story to the figures, anticipation for the reveal at Powercon was super high. After receiving my box of the review figures I immediately took a strong liking to them, these figures capture a ton of cool aspects that I love, Transformers, MOTU, and general sci-fi awesomeness among other things. Not only are these guys super cool aesthetically, but they also use the Glyos style pegs (just like the recent SMC Armory sets) so you can build with them and swap parts around.

Spy Monkey sent me 2 figures, 2 weapon packs, and 1 head pack. Each figure is made up of 22 separate parts and comes with a few weapons. The weapons packs come with an assortment of weapons and parts in various colors to match up to the figures, as an added bonus the weapons also can be held by MOTUC figures which adds value and will help with weapon builds using the armory parts. The head pack came with the different heads in various color schemes. From what I can see the color schemes are heavily influenced by certain properties, the green/purple and purple/yellow are my favorites so far. The clear orange of one of the figures I received looks like it would match right up to the clear orange Glyos figures, but not having one of those on hand it is a little hard to tell. It does remind me instantly of orange Tang, which the Glyos color did as well so that only helps my case. Translucent figures are sometimes hard to photograph so the color may look slightly darker here than it does in hand.

The sculpt on these figures is great, the heads in particular are quite good. Each one manages to be unique in of itself, but also call to mind various things I love from childhood. The (I assume) evil head that looks like a hybrid of Megatron and Skeletor alone would be enough for me to fall in love with this line, but the rest of the heads are equally as good. What’s even better is that almost all of the heads double as awesome weapons than be put on the figure instead of hands, and even the hands themselves can be used as heads. Quite a genius design on these figures to say the least. The actual weapons themselves are no different; a wide range of different options and parts lets you build pretty much anything your heart desires. If you plan on picking some of these guys up I suggest you get yourself an armory set or two also, as that will open your building options way up. Another neat part is the Gearo/Villhain symbols that can be plugged into the chests of the figures. This allows you to change their allegiance at will, and there is even a blank one for any nomad Weaponeers you may create. The ability to seamlessly merge with Glyos figures also means that if you have a boatload of parts you can enhance your building of either line with ease.

Most of these figures is molded in the color it needs to be, but the paint aps that are there look great and are really clean. I couldn’t find a single QC issue in any of the parts available to me, and knowing how dedicated SMC is I doubt that there will be any kind of QC problems with this line.

Using the peg system for attaching parts means that these figures don’t have standard action figure joints, but any one who has played with a Glyos figure can tell you that there is plenty of mobility in this system of articulation. Every part can be swiveled left and right or up and down allowing lots of different options for play and posing.

Overall after a ton of waiting for these figures to be debuted they still managed to surprise and delight me with how incredibly awesome they are. As I am writing this review it is about 18 hours away from the official reveal, but as you read this it will be right after the reveal so you can check out the Spy Monkey Creations site or the Weaponeers of Monkaa site for all the details about buying these figures. I can’t wait until they drop! I will certainly be buying some more of them, and I can’t wait to see what the incredibly talented community will do with some of these parts as far as builds go. When the time comes to order the Weaponeers of Monkaa You would do well to get as many of them as you can.


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