SRGM Coverage: Brownnoize Productions & Prometheus Rising Studios

Prometheus Rising 2


Brownnoize Productions and Prometheus Rising Studios were at SRGM with their full compliments of outstanding bots (big and small) for sale. I had some more pictures of the table, but they came out blurry…something about the lighting in mil 5 was playing serious havoc with my camera that day. let’s look at the pics.

BrownNoize 1

These two guys are doing some awesome stuff in the world of 3D printed bot toys, and you should check out their respective blogs to stay updated on what they have coming out. I’d also like to thank my boys here for letting me hop onto their table and sell some Slimes. Be sure to tune in on monday to see a review of Brownnoize’s Powered Bio Suit as well.

Prometheus Rising 1


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