Star Wars The Black Series Yoda Review

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Catching up on the backlog of SWB I’ve got going on today with one of the wisest of the Jedi Masters. This Yoda figure has been the subject of a lot of complaints, and while I do agree with them I still think this is a pretty good Yoda. Lets take a look at the little guy.

Yoda 2




Yoda 3


The Figure:

Hasbro has brought us a VERY OT inspired figure in this first SWB version of the old Jedi Master. I think the OT vibe is what makes me look past the issues with the figure more than I would with a PT version of the character. So what are the Issues with Yoda? Well my biggest problem is the lack of any kind of knee articulation on the figure. I know he’ short and all, but since they put in thigh and ankle swivels it seems like at least one of those joints is totally unnecessary since they both do basically the same thing. I don’t think the lack of knees hurts the Ot Yoda, but it is a knock against PT Yoda who does a lot more flipping around and such. My main concern with the lack of knees isn’t so much Yoda as it is any other small figures we may get. I don’t want to see kneeless Eowks, Jawas,and Ugnaughts if we see those down the line. Since most of those figures in the 3.75 scale don’t have knee joints i’m not holding out much hope, but I’d like it if we’d see a brighter tomorrow in small guy artic. Back to the problems with the figure a much smaller issue is the figure’s inability to hold his cane with two hands like in the movie, but really if we are holding action figures up to their ability to get into iconic poses most of them would have a strike against them wouldn’t they? A problem some people seem to have is the head sculpt, but I like the sculpt. Sure he may have a bit more hair than you usually see on the dude, but it doesn’t look bad in my opinion. From an aesthetic standpoint this figure looks great, and the joints that are there give him some good posing options. Just don’t expect him to be doing too may high flying acrobatics on the shelf. Hasbro has done a great job packing the small figures with enough accessories to make them feel worth the price (despite what any number of internet “collectors” would have you believe) of a large figure, and again beyond his saber Yoda is all OT in that department. I adore that he came with a snake just like the vintage version did, and his little dangling piece of neck technology. Hopefully if we get a Dagobah Luke he comes with the blue backpack to cart the little guy around in.

Yoda 6


Yoda 4




Yoda 5

Quality Control: 

I have seen some figures with a serious case of the old wonky eyes, but my figure looks great. The only QC issue on this figure I can see is his the fact that his robe is prone to fraying at almost the slightest touch.

Yoda 7


Yoda 8



Lightsaber blade

Lightsaber handle

Neck device (let’s assume he keeps his pills neatly laid out by day in there)




Yoda 9png



Yoda 10


Ball jointed head

Swivel/hinge hips

Swivel/hinge shoulders

Double jointed elbows

Thigh swivel

Ankle swivel

Swivel/hinge right wrist

Swivel left wrist

Ab joint

Yoda 11


Yoda 12


Yoda 13


Yoda 14


I like this Yoda figure quite a bit He looks great and gives off a strong OT vibe, but he does a few problems that fans of hyper articulation or those looking for a PT Yoda will want to look out for. He isn’t an essential figure in the line by any means, but fans of Yoda could do a lot worse than this figure.

Yoda 15

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