Star Wars Toys R Us Exclusive Ewok Pack Review

Last Week I was at TRU when I came across the Ewok Pack, I had seen pictures of this online and was very excited to get it because it came with Kneesaa in a cartoon (Ewoks!!) accurate costume. As a big fan of both the Droids and Ewoks cartoons I was pretty pumped to get this character on my shelf, what I didn’t expect was being impressed with the rest of that pack as much as I was. Let’s take a look at the Ewok pack.


According to the box: The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village join forces with the Rebels to battle Imperial troopers, these diminutive natives of Endor are fierce fighters with an array of weapons to help defeat the troopers and immobilize imperial walkers. Armed with spears, clubs and weapons taken from overpowered troopers, the Ewoks do their part to free the galaxy.



As someone who grew up in the 80’s I was pretty taken by the Ewoks, Return of the Jedi, both Ewok films, and the cartoon really sold how awesome these furry little guys were. This pack comes with 5 different Ewoks, Flitchee, Nanta, Teebo, Kneesaa, and Tippet each of varying height and size with different markings on their fur. The pack also comes with a good deal of accessories including alternate headdresses for the figures. The five figures also vary in their articulation so I will be covering each one individually in that section. Now while I am a pretty big Ewok fan I honestly couldn’t tell you what the origins of each of the different headdresses is, I assume they are from the differing appearances of the Ewoks in various media ( ROTJ, the cartoon and two Ewoks films) but I can’t be sure of that. If anyone has Intel please let me know in the comments section. As a retailer exclusive 5 pack this set works well, there really isn’t any must have figures in it (unless you are a big fan of the Ewoks cartoon like me) that if you missed you would be too upset about, but for fans of the Ewoks this set is really nice especially considering all the different headdresses and belts and stuff make for great army building which would make creating a full Ewok village pretty easy if you can afford the $45 price tag of this set multiple times. All I need now is Cindel, Noa, and an Endor Marauders set to complete my Ewoks the movies shelf..ha ha


Paint on all 5 of the Ewoks in my set is great! I couldn’t find much more than a tiny bit of slop on the fingers of nay of the figures. The headdresses are all made of a soft rubbery material that makes changing them out pretty easy and keeps them from breaking.


Articulation does vary on each figure so here is the Breakdown. Flitchee: swivel/hinge shoulders and ankles, swivels at the waist, wrists and hips. Nanta: Swivel/hinge ankles and shoulders, swivels at the waist, wrists, and hips. Teebo: Swivel/hinge elbows, hips, shoulders and ankles, swivels at the wrists and waist. Tippet: swivels at the waist, hips and wrists, swivel/hinge shoulders and ankles. Kneesaa: Swivels at the wrists, swivel/hinge at the hips, ankles, and shoulders. One thing each figures does have is a ball jointed head that moves well, but is restricted by the Headdress pretty severly. I do wish more of the figures had the elbow articulation that Teebo has, but you can’t win them all.

The Ewok pack comes with quite a few accessories, you get, 2 spears, 9 different headdresses, 4 different straps that go over their bodies 2 of which feature sheathes with removable knives, a blaster rifle, 3 knives, a club , a necklace and 2 “drum” sticks. A pretty good amount of accessories that really let you customize your Ewoks, or build a whole army of them.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Ewok Pack, for the $45 it costs you get a ton of accessories and 5 solid Ewok figures. Those without love for Ewoks can easily skip this pack, but Ewok fans would and should pick this pack up without hesitation. The Ewok pack is available right now at Toys R Us.


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