SURGE Soda: 2014 The Second Coming


You remember Surge? It was Coca-Cola’s extreme answer to Mt. Dew? Highly caffeinated and tailor made for the 90’s, Surge was eventually phased out in the early 2000’s in the US. Fans have been petitioning for it’s return for years and Coke finally listened up. They struck a deal with to bring Surge back out to its loyal fans. It was first re-released back in September but prices were outrageous at the time. Supply and demand have evened out a bit since its first returning days so I decided to pick some up. Is it as good as I remember? Let’s find out…


The cans are bigger this time around but the design on the can takes me right back to my high school days.  I can’t be sure if the design is 100% true to the original but if it isn’t then it’s really close, at least to my memory. It’s pure nostalgia and a trip right back to the late 90’s when things had to be extreme almost to the extent of parody. I can’t deny it, I miss those days.


Alright, I’ve popped the tab back and opened my first Surge in well over a decade. Does it hold up to what I remember? Heck yeah, it sure does. This is good stuff. Though Mt Dew proved Pepsi the winner in the caffeine/citrus soda war I think Surge is better than Pepsi’s champion. There’s more citrus here and it could just be me but I think Surge tastes vaguely like Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew Baja Blast.


Drinking Surge is like pouring liquid sugar into your mouth and is as delicious as it is toxic in that good 90’s kinda way where everybody was more innocent than we really thought we were.


Besides the idea of Surge being loaded with caffeine it was also known for being really really green and the 2014 Surge seems as green to me as it’s predecessor did 15 years ago. Its got a beautiful glow full of retro 90’s awesomeness that really takes me back. The first chance I get I am gonna sit back with a can or two of Surge and watch some late 90’s episodes of WCW Nitro. They just seem to go together.


If you are a child of nostalgia and had some good memories chugging down Surge in it’s original days then you won’t go wrong picking up some off Amazon now. There’s nothing wrong with taking some needless enjoyment from something so insignificant as retro soda. Surge on, I’m glad it’s back.

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