Surviving the LEGO® Apocalypse

Lego Wall

The Minifigure Army Has Us Outnumbered

Many of us were way into LEGO® before the release of The LEGO® Movie, but now the world has gone completely batty over the little guys. And I’m sure LEGO® sales will see a boost that will dwarf all others. Those irresistible minifigures are all over the place. They are on stands, in drawers, in plastic containers and on their respective model sets. They both litter and bring color to our homes. Let’s face it, they are pretty darn cool. Just don’t step on one with your barefoot in the middle of the night. That’s a battle you will most definitely lose.

It All Starts Very Innocently

Maybe the LEGO® mania started harmlessly with a gift for your child—a small box with one figure and minimal pieces to put together. Or, maybe you saw one of those cool minifigure packs near the register and impulse made you grab it for checkout. That’s all it takes. Before you know it, you’re attending LA (LEGO® Anonymous) meetings trying to control the LEGO® hunger pains. You see, LEGO® is not like any other action figure set or series. There are only a certain amount of 2014 The Walking Dead Action Figures in the series, but the LEGO® Army keeps on coming. It’s like Skynet with infinity plastic Terminators, and they will never stop until they get you.

Mr Gold

The Merciless, Series 10

In May of 2013, LEGO® released Series 10 of their highly collectible minifigures. But this was no ordinary series. Purchasing a package of this particular set was as if you were playing a game at the Betfair Arcade— with a prize possibly hidden inside. Randomly inserted in only 5000 packs, was the coveted Mr. Gold. This was a brilliant and sadistic move. LEGO® added a lottery facet to collecting their already extremely popular figures. Battle over. LEGO® wins again.

Millenium Falcon

The World We Live In

The world is a different place. All that remains is a yearning to acquire more minifigures and build larger sets. We barely remember when life was a simple 248-piece, 20-minute job. It is now much more complicated. It’s filled with Millennium Falcons and castles. Small builds are now weeklong projects. We frown upon anything under 1000-pieces. We crave, we build, we conquer. We wait for the next LEGO® release.

Changing the Parameters of War

We have one thing going for us. We are professionals. Veterans of the LEGO® War. We improvise, adapt and overcome. We now feel the packaging to make sure we purchase exactly the figure that we desire. Or, we memorize the dotted codes on the back of the packs themselves. We place limits to our purchasing of sets and only buy the ones we really like to collect. We sometimes use eBay or Amazon as our source to save time and gas money. Most of all, we know when and where to strike. The LEGO® Army will not stop coming anytime soon, but we are always ready and on alert. We will continue to pick them off, one-by-one, until the end of time.

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One thought on “Surviving the LEGO® Apocalypse

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    February 18, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    I was cherry picking the Minifigures but ultimately I had to stop, mostly due to various factors (cost and time being two big ones!). I think if you were to describe any toy as “plastic crack” Lego Minifigures would most accurately fit that description!


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