Tales of a pocket Traveler #1

Today I am debuting a new weekly feature called Tales of a pocket traveler in which we will be following the adventures of my “ urban combat Pheyden” as he travels with me from place to place. Every week will bring a new picture, sometimes these will be nature shots, and sometimes they will be with other toys. Check back next week for the further adventures of UC Pheyden.

The idea of a pocket traveler is nothing new, and I know many other fans of Glyos have their own pocket travelers with them at all times. This is an idea I have been brewing for a while now so I hope you enjoy it. Here at DK we are big fans of the Glyos system and are always looking for new ways to incorporate it into the site, it’s a little hard to do reviews as the basic toys don’t change much, so I thought this would be a good way to bring a little more Glyos goodness to the readers.

This week’s photo was taken outside of the dealership I work at. I thought the plants and the rusted beam looked pretty neat, almost like Pheyden was on some ruined planet doing some recon.


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