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Today I am looking at the 1990 Movie TMNT figures (minus Mikey because was sold out of him when I ordered) that debuted at SDCC. Being a HUGE fan of the classic line, and especially the turtles themselves I was really excited for these guys, and despite a couple of small problems they actually managed to surpass those awesome figures in my mind. Likes take a look at the 1990 Movie Turtles. 


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When Playmates first announced these guys they appeared to be simple repaints of the TMNT classics four bros with new heads/straps/pads/weapons, but these figures are actually all new. They are much much much better proportioned, and everything on these guys is a bit smaller than their cartoon styled brothers. While they are pretty close to the movie versions they are missing the spots on their skin shown in the original prototypes, and they do look a bit flat…which a simple dark wash would have helped. They do look a good bit more realistic though, and fit in much better with other lines due to this. They retain all the excellent articulation points , and continue to be very fun to play with. These figures mostly look a lot better than the cartoon versions, but my Donatello curse of my favorite turtle having really goofy cross eyes has continued with these figures. Why oh why can’t I get a decent Donny? I guess ordering them online has its downsides, and maybe when Mikey shows up in stores I can get a non idiot eyes Donny…if one even exists. The main problem most people (including me) had with the cartoon versions was the arctic being VERY loose,and I’m here to tell you that this problem has been fixed! Unfortunately these guys are on the other side of the spectrum with joints so tight they almost feel like you’re going to break them, but with some careful manipulation of the joints they do become workable. just be very careful and do it slowly or use a hot box to loosen them. A lot has been made of the faces with people saying they used the wrong faces for each turtle, but I think they look pretty decent to what we saw in the movies personally. i’m a big fan of the classics line, and seeing that we are getting Krang and Shredder in toon style soon is great news. I can only hope that we also see a few more movie figures like Casey Jones, movie Shredder, Tokka and Rahzar, and yes even Keno to fill out the ranks on the shelf. I’d also like to see these figures released again as white eyed red bandanna comic versions too as they look pretty close to the way they were presented in the original comics.

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QC is pretty good on my figures. Beyond the wonky eyes Donny and the tight joints the figures look great, and once you get those joints loosened up they hold poses great. The fact that there is very little actual paint on these guys makes for little chance for QC mess ups anyway. One issue I do have is manufacturer stamps being placed very obviously on the side of the feet instead of the bottom where it should be. This just looks ugly…and a professional would have taken a picture of this instead of not doing that because I forgot.

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Each turtle comes with his signature weapons. Raph had his Sai, Leo has the Katanas, Donny has his Bo staff, and each turtle comes with a sewer cover stand with their name on it just like the toon versions did, but this time with a dark wash.

Movie TMNT 13


Movie TMNT 10One of the main reasons I love this line so much is the high articulation count. these figures have swivel/hinge shoulders,ankles,hips, wrists, and thumbs, an ab joint, double hinged knees and elbows, ball jointed heads, swivels at the thighs, and hinged toes and fingers. you can get these guys into tons of great poses.

Movie TMNT 9


Movie TMNT 6


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Overall while they could look a bit more like they did in the movie I love these figures, and the better scale and look of them really makes these awesome figures to own. These guys should be showing up in stores soon, but you can find them all over the place online right now. Be sure to check out the gallery below, and let me know if you have Wonky Eye Donny issues too in the comments.

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