Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Donatello Review

Today is the final TMNTC reviews, and I saved my favorite for last. I always liked Donnie; he is smart, great with machines, and rocks an awesome Bo staff. The fact that he also wears a purple bandanna (in all media except the original comics) which is my favorite color probably helps too. Let’s take a look at Donatello.

Donatello is the resident “tech wiz” of the turtle’s clan, able to create and fix any number of cool machines and devices. Donnie is also one of the most even keeled of the four turtles, showing none of Raph’s anger, Leo’s take charge attitude, or Mikey’s party time foolishness. He is introspective and prefers to be dealing with machines and systems over his ninja training. He has a good relationship with all four of his brothers, and is the de facto second in command of the group after Leonardo. In the original TMNT cartoon he is responsible for creating the Turtle van, Turtle blimp, and any number of turtles themed vehicles. If there is a problem that needs a scientific solution Donnie is the turtle to turn to.

Like all of the four turtles Donatello is an amazing figure, his belt has the big D on it and a spot on his back for storing the Bo staff. His skin is a great olive green color. It’s such a small detail that playmates could easily have overlooked, but the different skin tones on each of the turtles really make a huge difference. Donnie’s face is kind of weird compared to the rest of the figures, its mix of concentration and determination that works for the figure, but it’s hard to pin down the exact look they were going for here and as such it looks a little silly.

Paint and QC on Donatello is great with one major exception, his eyes are seriously googly looking with one looking left and up, and the other looking straight ahead it makes him look a little silly from most angles. Other than that unfortunate issue (which thankfully none of my other figures has) Donnie looks great. Like the rest of the figures he is mostly molded green/purple with no other problems.

As you no doubt know by now the articulation on these guys is through the roof incredible. Donnie like his brothers has swivel/hinge shoulders and wrists, a ab joint, cuts at the thighs and biceps, ball jointed head with ok movement, ball jointed hips, double jointed knees and elbows, hinges at the ankles, both toes, and each of the three fingers. The amount of option available to you for posing these figures is a huge selling point, and allows you to get them into some great positions with ease.

Donatello comes with his signature Bo staff (with tape around the middle) and the standard manhole cover stand with his name on it. I think I have said pretty much all I need to about the accessories of these figures by now.

Overall Donnie is a great figure, even his googly eyes can’t ruin him too much. Being the last of the four turtles to be released means we wont be seeing reviews from TMNTC again, unless playmates steps up to the plate and continues this line in the future. I’m not sure how well these guys have sold, but we can only hope its enough for more of them even if the possibility of buck re use is close to non existent.



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