My second TMNT Classics review is Michelangelo. Now I said before Leonardo was my least favorite turtle, and with Donny and Raph being almost tied for first Mikey is I guess my second least favorite of the brothers. Even if I don’t like Mike as much as the other two he is still a awesome character that I can totally get behind, his fun loving party time attitude endears him to many people. Lets take a look at Michelangelo before he eats all my pizza.

Michelangelo is not as serious as his other brothers, when things get serious Mikey is always there with a joke but this doesn’t mean he isn’t just as tough as the other turtles. With his nunchuks and unique fighting style he is a force to be reckoned with. In the cartoons and Archie comics Mike is the big pizza hound of the group, and the main source of comic relief. While Michelangelo loves all his brothers equally, he seems to have a special bond with Donatello as the two are often seen trying to stay out of the way of Raph and Leo’s intense arguments (pork rind? pork rind!) while snacking on some junk food. Michelangelo was the reason for a lot of the “cowabungas” and “totally tubulars” many a child was heard to exclaim on the playground in the early nineties.

Mikey like the rest of the classics figures, is really cool. His nunchuks are attached by real chains and can be put into loops on the back of his belt for storage. He also has the big M on his belt buckle. His face is somewhere between perplexed and determined, a look that really suits the character well. These figures all using the same buck with different heads and skin tones means he is pretty similar to his brothers in construction and design, the shells look really good as do the lines molded into the skin on their sides between their front and back shell. The sheer amount of articulation on these figures allows Mike to have tons of cool posing options with his “chucks” , and if I could find a good scale pizza I’m sure he would look great eating it. This line is really incredible, and I hope they can continue to make these figures as there is several figures I would kill for, like Casey Jones and Rat King.

Just like Leonardo most of the figure is molded in whatever color it needs to be, and there is no real paint issues to speak of. One of his eyes does look a little googly, but its hardly as bad as my Donatello looks in that department. The QC on these figures seems to be really good.

If you read my Leonardo review you know the articulation on these guys is another huge plus. They have swivel/hinge wrists and shoulders, ball jointed heads with good movement, double jointed elbows and knees, cuts at the thighs and biceps, ball jointed hips, a ab joint, hinges at each finger, both toes, and the ankles. Almost any pose you can think of works for these guys, and the range of movement is astounding.

Mikey comes with two sets of nunchuks and a sewer cover stand with his name on it. I really like that the chucks have a real chain as it allows them to not only look awesome but hang realistically as well. Another bonus is with all that finger articulation he can actually hold his each set of nunchuks together in one hand, something you rarely ever see in Mikey figures.

Overall all I can say is Man I love being a turtle fan! Seriously though these figures rock hard, and I even spotted them at TRU the other day so you shouldn’t have to pay a high mark up at your local comic shop.