Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Raphael Review


Today I am looking at the TMNTC Raphael figure; I have always had a hard time deciding if Raph or Donatello is my favorite of the turtles as they are both so awesome. I have said it in every review of these guys so far, but the TMNTC line has quickly jumped up top to the top of my list. The articulation, detailing, and overall look are just so good. Some people seem to prefer the Nickelodeon turtles line which is great, but for my money this is the TMNT line that is the best and hopefully we will see many more figures down the road. Let’s take a look at Raphael.



Raphael unlike his brothers is full of anger, and prone to rash decisions. He also is the most solitary of the four turtles, preferring to be out in the city on his own.  Despite his cynical and surly attitude Raph has a close bond with Michelangelo, and often lets his guard down around his younger brother. He fights with Leonardo quite frequently over leadership issues and other problems the two may have. In the original TMNT comics Raph is also the most violent of the turtles. While out in the city looking for crime Raphael comes across Casey Jones, and while the two initially butt heads they quickly become fast friends due to heir shared violent nature and love of cracking some bad guy skulls. In the original TMNT cartoon Raph’s personality is quite different from other media, as he is more a wise cracking, fourth wall breaking jokester than a violent angry turtle.  In the amazing Archie Comics run of TMNT stories the turtles end up in an intergalactic wrestling match and all get new costumes, Raph is the only turtle who ends up keeping and wearing his new costume for a good portion of that run. The costume is an all black body suit, and is one of my favorite looks for Raph which I would love to see in action figure form if this line continues as there has never been a figure of this costume before.


Raphael is a great figure, he has his belt with the big R on it and spots to store each of his two Sai. His face is the angriest looking of the four figures, and it suits his personality very well. With the great finger articulation he can actually hold his Sai either by the handles or around the hand guard like he does in a lot of the TMNT media, which is a great touch you don’t see on many Raph figures throughout the years.



Raph like Leo and Mikey is mostly molded green with his pads/bandanna being molded red. The painted pupils on the eyes of these figures can be a problem (See my upcoming Donatello review for evidence of this) but my Raph’s eyes look great without a hint of googly eyes seen on some of these figures. There isn’t a hint of QC issues on my Raphael figure to speak of.



Articulation on Raph is the same as the others, swivel/hinge wrists and shoulders, ball jointed heads with good movement, double jointed elbows and knees, cuts at the thighs and biceps, ball jointed hips, an ab joint, hinges at each finger, both toes, and the ankles. I can’t stress enough how great the poseabilty is on the figures.



Raph comes with his two Sai, and the sewer cover stand with is name on it. This is really the only area you could complain about with these figures, they could have come with some more weapons, or ooze canisters, or baby turtles, but when figures are this good complaining about a lack of accessories when they come with their signature weapons anyway is a bit of a waste of time so I won’t do it.



Overall Raphael is another great figure from Playmates. Hopefully Playmates gets the point and continues this line for years to come.


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