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Hey guys, Long time no see… DK has been a bit light as of late (More about that in a few weeks actually), but for now I’m here to show you all the dope stuff debuting TODAY at Zolocon. Read on for the full details of all the killer stuff that will be at the Ri table at Zcon.


Slime Knights

For generations, the Royal Oder of the Slime Knights has protected the Slime Kingdom. Fifteen of King Valdar’s best soldiers lead the order and are the holders of the “heroic form” technique employed so famously by Prince Algor. With the current situation on Jalldoon Prince Algor had enlisted three of the leaders of the order to train an army of troops needed to defend the Planet from the home base of Hawkstorm Keep. Sir Skaladon, Lady Beearter, and Sir Galathor were the Knights responsible for the two hundred Slime Knights put under Algor’s care. These rank and file Knights form the backbone of Prince Algor’s newly created force for freedom committed to keeping Jalldoon from falling to darkness. These Slime Knights are fully capable warriors, and the have pledged their swords to Algor’s cause.

Slime Knights are the exclusive figure Zolocon 2017 and will be $50 each. Each figure features 3D printed head, armor, belt, sheath, and sword. Built on Realm of the Underworld bodies these cannon fodder troops fill the role played on the evil side by the Shocktroopers.
*note the colors of these pictures has been washed out to better show the details on the very red ABS.



Mechanized Battle Suit Toron

Created by Toron for times when he might need an edge against the evils of Jalldoon his Mechanized Battle Suit is capable of folding up into a small pack which Toron can easily carry with him on the various adventures he finds himself embroiled in. With the suit at full-size Toron slimes his way inside the suit which gives him enhanced strength, speed, and protection. Once inside the only bits of Toron that are visible are his hands, eyes, and chest which Toron uses to absorb various things as well as shoot out deadly blasts of slime to ensnare enemies. Toron has also created a new weapon in the “hard light” axe which when switched on is capable of cutting through nearly anything, and when switched off is easy to store.

Mechanized Battle Suit Toron Figures will be debuting at Zolocon 2017 for $25 each, and feature articulation at the head, waist, shoulders, hips, and wrists. Each figure comes with a “hard light” axe in the on setting, and a handle in the off setting. Toron’s hands will work with most ROTU and vintage 5.5 weapons and accessories as well as all 3D printed weapons from Rampageo Industries.




The Lair of the Dark Wizard

As Prince Algor, and Toron travel down the road running along the edge of Barrwood Forest they are approached by a kindly old man. Walking hunched over with an ornate staff stabilizing him the old man offers the pair a place to stay for the coming night. After following the cloaked man back to his camp at the mouth of a cave the slimes are offered food and drink next to a roaring fire. They ate their fill, and Algor drank feely of the man’s wine. Toron not being in much of a wine mood stuck with his flask of Jalldoonian brandy, and the three talked into the night as they drifted off to sleep under the night sky. Later that night Toron was woken by a passing creature crunching through the undergrowth of the forest. As he tried to fall back asleep he noticed a strange chanting coming from the woods, and as he got closer he saw the old man stirring a bubbling brew in a cauldron as he chanted towards an ancient looking idol. As Toron crept forward to hear what was being chanted he could clearly make out the word Sacrifice. The realization that himself and Algor were mostly likely the target of this sacrifice Toron rushed back to camp to wake up Algor, but getting there he found Algor out cold…a victim of drugged wine no doubt. As Toron pulled a vile of crushed Soot Root out of his pack and quickly sprinkled it on Algor’s face he could hear the old man approaching through the woods. Algor sat up coughing with a start as the Soot Root shocked his system awake, and he barely had a second to realize what was going on before Toron said quietly “Trouble” before thrusting Algor’s sword into his hands. As the old man hobbled into the clearing and saw the two Slimes awake he screamed “YOU WILL DIE!!!!” as he stood straight up revealing himself to be in fact not an old man at all, but a fully competent Wizard in his prime. His cloak blew all around him as magic energy swirled . The wizard pointed his staff at Algor as a wicked beam shot out of it, and if Algor hadn’t quickly rolled away he’d have been toast. The Wizard cast spells left and right as Algor dodged and weaved around, but he seemed to have forgotten Toron was even there as the old Slime prepared a net grenade to capture the fiend. As the grenade flew the air it expanded into a large net trapping the wizard beneath it, but as Prince Algor approached to deliver the killing blow there was a puff of smoke, and as it cleared the two Slimes saw nothing but an empty net on the ground. The Slimes gathered their belongings and made haste leaving the woods under the cover of darkness unsure if they would be accosted by the Wizard again, but by the time morning had come they were safely down the road away from the Lair of the Dark Wizard. Beware travelers of Jalldoon as this Wizard is still at large, and likely still trying to make sacrifices to his evil Idol this very moment.

The Lair of The Dark Wizard Accessory Set will be debuting at Zolocon 2017 in a mixed color assortment for $20. Each set includes 1 Staff, 1 Cauldron, One Bubble Insert, Two Potions (one of which matches the bubble insert in that set, and the other a random color). Each set works with most The Exciting World of Jalldoon, Realm of the Underworld, and other 5.5 Scale figures modern or vintage.




TEWOJZCON11The South Seas Accessory Set

The port city of Bakurados Bay sits on the eastern coast of the Southwest region of the planet. The city is a haven for pirates, smugglers, and scoundrels alike. Bakurados Bay is controlled by the King of the Pirates, Captain Abdul Zarharra more commonly known as “ The Mad Butcher” after his penchant for slaughtering those who oppose him, and his less than full grasp of sanity. Captain Zarharra sits on his throne putting down petty squabbles between fighting gangs of pirates while also keeping the goods entering the port safe for sale. The weapons commonly seen around Bakurados Bay are Axes, Sabers, curved daggers, and ornate shields featuring the eye surrounded by spikes of the Pirating Guild. Travelers to Bakurados Bay are warned to keep their purse strings tight for fear of pickpockets and to keep their wits about them as scammers and thieves run rampant on the near lawless streets of the bay city. 

The South Seas Accessory Set will be debuting at Zolocon 2017 in a mixed color assortment for $20. Each set includes 1 shield, 2 axes, 1 saber, and 1 curved dagger.Each set works with most The Exciting World of Jalldoon, Realm of the Underworld, and other 5.5 Scale figures modern or vintage.



Hoverboard Set

Toron is constantly tinkering in his laboratory creating new weapons and equipment for the fight against Master Boshak, Baron Dracktholm, and the other evils of Jalldoon. One of his latest inventions is the Hoverboard that allows its user to zoom across the landscape at high speeds while also not being held back by rough terrain. By simply clamping their feet into the board anyone can cut their travel times in half. Prince Algor has mastered the use of the Hoverboard and has become quite proficient at using the board to access areas of Jalldoon that would otherwise require quite a bit of exertion to get to under his own power. The thick clouds of smoke emissions of the board have been tested, and prove no harm to the environment of the planet. 

The Hoverboard Set will be debuting at Zolocon 2017 for $20. Each set includes 1 Hoverboard, and 1 cloud stand/base. In addition, the board features a 5mm port on the bottom which will allow it to work with various flight stands. Each set works with most The Exciting World of Jalldoon, Realm of the Underworld, and other 5.5 Scale figures modern or vintage.TEWOJZCON7

Skeleton Conversion Sets

Many generations ago a cabal of one hundred Generals plotted to conquer the entire Planet Jalldoon. Each of these generals brought an army of one thousand soldiers, and with the largest force ever assembled began eliminating Kings, Queens, Emperors, Sultans, and any other rulers spread out across the planet. As news traveled of this the unassociated royalty of Jalldoon banded together in what would become known as the Covenant of Crowns (which still holds the planet together to this very day) to smash down this force. Even one hundred Generals with one thousand soldiers each is no match for the combined armies of Jalldoon, and the plot was all in all put down rather quickly. However, royalty is nothing if not terribly vindictive so merely defeating these Generals was not enough. Mages were called to curse the souls of these Generals, and ornate statues were created to house the crystalized cursed souls which would forever be in torment. Each of these one hundred statues was hidden throughout the planet with the full intention of being lost for all eternity. In reality though, magic is never infallible, and these gems containing the cursed souls could be wielded by any ill-reputed magic user to conjure these generals and their armies in the form of fearsome Skeleton soldiers. Far more competent than your run of the mill shambling sack of bones these terrifying soldiers could make someone with bad intentions a very formidable force of minions. Possessing just one of these gems would increase the formidability of anyone, but if a person could acquire multiple gems they could be almost unstoppable with a force of wicked armored skeletons at their beck and call. It’s a good thing only two of the one hundred of these gems have been found so far, isn’t it?

Skeleton conversion sets will be debuting at Zolocon 2017. Each set will be $10 and come with 1 armor, and 1 sword. Sets will be available in various swaps of Black, Red, and White. The armor will fit any Realm of the Underworld figure, but the Sword is designed for the Realm of the Underworld Skeleton figure.TEWOJZCON6

So that’s the stuff I made… HOWEVER, there is one HUGE new character in the TEWOJ world debuting as well. Created by BrownNoize this figure is a true blockbuster, and IMO a game changer in the 5.5 scene as well as debuting some brand new 3D printed parts that will expand the ability for us to make awesome figures using the ROTU Base. I give you …



The enigmatic traveler known as Quazarec was constructed by a highly-advanced, telepathic race millennia ago as a vessel for their collective consciousness. The bronze android was sent out as an explorer and ambassador of peace, but after having been drawn into countless wars to free sentient beings on countless worlds, Quazarec now doggedly pursues cosmic-level threats to life throughout the universe. Drawn through a mysterious rift in space, Quazarec senses the intense evil of a creature known as Acromancer, but now finds himself trapped in another dimension…on a planet called Jalldoon. Backed by the psionic might of his people, Quazarec’s power can be tempered only by his Control Orb—a conduit for unimaginable force, but also the one device that prevents the psychic rage of his people from overwhelming him. Isolated from his home world’s reality, Quazarec’s abilities are diminished. His race’s telepathy is strong enough to transcend dimensional barriers…but only just. Does he have enough power to find and stop the entity that lured him here?

Quazarec will be debuting at Zolocon 2017 in a series of ten one-off color schemes for $80. Each figure includes 1 removable helmet, 1 chest armor with glow-in-the-dark insert, 1 armored belt (designed to fit the RotU pelvis with the stone motif and “leafy” belt), and 1 halberd with glow-in-the-dark marble. The 3D-printed head and limbs are fully-compatible with the Zoloworld Interchangeable body.











So as you can see this figure is AMAZING!!! I am truly honored to have such a great character enter The Exciting world of Jalldoon, and after the show we’ll see about getting some more of these guys out into the world.



In addition to all of that our friend Figure Case will be dropping more of his hot Exhumables line of figures… here is some teaser pics.




So beyond all the stuff we’ll be selling at the show there is also an ALL NEW TEWOJ story about Toron going on an adventure. Read below.


Toron’s Journey 

Toron wiped the sweat from his brow as he hopped back from the bolt he had been tightening on the large metal arm in front of him. Taking a long swig from his goblet he looked over his latest creation a large suit of armor. The slime made his way behind a blast shield with a small remote as he thought to himself “here goes nothing” before pushing the small button on the little black box he held. As he pushed the button he heard a series of clicks followed by a small hollow clank on the floor, and after waiting a few seconds to make sure it wasn’t going to explode he stuck his head out from behind the shield and saw that the suit of armor had compacted itself into a small box. Toron clicked the button again and the suit unfolded itself out from the small box as Toron squished himself inside a small port located on the back of the suit, and as his slime body filled up the suit he clicked the interior on switch as the suit sprang to life. Toron could feel the mechanisms of the suit working to increase his strength as he flexed his arms and legs. The only bits of the slime visible were his eyes, hands, and a circular area on his chest. The suit felt good, and Toron was confident he could handle the mission placed upon him by the Slime Elder Magi to retrieve an item that would help them bring Prince Algor back to his old carefree self… the Algor that Toron missed who hadn’t been seen since his friend had been pulled back from the Underworld. Looking over his map he plotted a route to the tomb holding his goal. Supposedly this tomb was the resting place of an enchanted crown which would aid the Magi in removing the unknown evil infecting Algor. Toron packed everything he would need for the journey including his new suit, a special weapon he had been working on, and a fully topped off flask of Gatonian Wine as well as the other necessities of travel. Toron left a note for Algor who would be retuning soon with crews to clean Hawkstorm Keep and restore it to a livable condition again.

Toron left Hawkstorm Keep and headed down the road to the village of Soverstad which sat on the road bordering Frogmire Marsh. In Soverstad he passed the time in a tavern while he waited for the carriage that had been arranged to pick him up. As he sipped a foam covered mug of ale a hooded stranger approached, and Toron braced for the worst as a low hiss came from this stranger “Who let this Slime piece of trash into the tavern?” the stranger said obviously displeased. Toron turned around ready to smack some sense into this person, but as they removed their hood he saw the smiling face of his friend Grar. The Gatonian’s smile showed his razor sharp fangs poking out from under his whiskers as he clapped his hand into Toron’s “Old friend it is good to see you. What brings you out this way?” Grar asked as he flagged down the barkeep, and motioned for another round for the two. Toron frowned as he launched into the whole story of the coming wave of terror preparing to sweep over Jalldoon, and the request to put together a team to stem this tide. Grar listened intently himself remembering Algor’s return from the portal quite well, and the ferocity of the Prince’s beheading of the Witch that had returned him to Jalldoon. As Toron finished Grar’s tail slowly flicked back and forth in the air as he spoke “ My friend, you know if the safety of the world is at stake my claws and bow are at your disposal. Now let us go retrieve this crown so our friend can be rid of this evil infecting him”  as Grar said this he slugged down the remainder of his drink, and as the barkeep brought them another round he spoke “friend Slime, your carriage is waiting for you outside” with the arrival of the carriage the two adventurers quickly finished their drinks and walked outside to get on board.

The carriage ride passed without any incident, and by morning they were dropped off at a crossroads. After tipping the driver Toron and Grar set off towards the Tomb that was their goal. As they walked along the hardscrabble land they saw the telltale sign of a burial mound in the distance, and once they reached it they saw a large stone door that wouldn’t budge no matter how hard they pushed. Toron hopped back “Want to see something cool?” He asked Grar as he pulled the small black box out of his pack and pushed the button on his remote. Grar’s eyes grew wide seeing the Mechanized suit standing before him  “What is THAT?” he asked Toron who replied “oh just a little something I cooked up” as he squished inside the suit. Toron pulled a small black tube out of the pack on the back of the suit and pushed a button on its side. There was a loud hum as a beam of light extended out of the handle forming an axe as Grar’s eyes got even wider “And what the hell is THIS?” he asked. Toron held it up and said “It’s a prototype hard light axe I’ve been working on…pretty sweet huh?” as he started cutting a large hole in the stone door with the axe. The axe made short work of the thick stones, and they were soon inside the tomb “ I’m gonna need me one of those Tor” Grar said with a smile as he pushed some cobwebs out of his face. The tomb was not much different from any other tomb, a musty scent permeated the air and thick layers of dust and cobwebs covered everything. As the pair made their way down it seemed extremely quiet…even for a tomb, but that feeling was shortly shattered as Grar ran his claw against an ornate carving only to be shocked as a skeleton burst from the wall in front of him. The Gatonian pulled his short sword out of its sheath and bashed the skeleton against the stone wall, and Toron came in with a slice form his light axe which basically disintegrated the sack of bones. Grar’s ears perked up and slightly twitched “there’s more of them Tor” he said pulling out his bow and nocking an arrow, and no sooner had he said this than a tide of skeletons poured in through a side passage. The Slime in his battle suit and the Gatonian thief fought valiantly through the wave of clanking bones, and soon they stood alone in the quiet tunnel. As Grar slung his bow over his shoulder he looked at Toron “Man, I hate skeletons” he said kicking a pelvis aside as he brushed bone dust off his black fur. As they made their way deeper into the tomb they came upon a large monument of a skeleton holding a large green gem in it’s hands and wearing a jeweled crown upon its stone head. Toron frowned “This is awful similar to a statue Al and I found in the bowels of Hawkstorm Keep” he said as he grabbed the crown from the statue’s head while the Gatonian pried the stone from the grip of the chiseled skeleton statue. With their goal in hand they made their way outside, and were surprised to find the Slime Elder Magi waiting for them “Ahhh Toron we knew you could be counted on” they said as they took the crown and the gem from the two adventurers. Toron inquired about the similarity of the statue to the one at Hawkstorm, but they brushed it off with a promise that it would all make sense once all the pieces of the puzzle were put together. Toron didn’t really like this answer, but the Magi were millennia old and likely knew what they were doing so he let it go for now. They were told a carriage waited to take them back to Soverstad were Toron could return to Hawkstorm to wait for Algor, and Grar could go about his business. At this Grar spoke up “Well I’m part of this fabled team now so I’ll be retuning back to Hawkstorm with my buddy here” he said with a smile as the Magi pulled Toron aside and explained that they would need some time to divine what they would need next to pull this evil from Algor’s body. Later on the carriage ride back to Hawkstorm Toron and Grar shared the last of Toron’s flask of Gatonian Wine which delighted Grar to no end since the wine of his people was a true delicacy that was hard to find outside of Gato, especially such a fine vintage as Toron’s. However the old Slime’s thoughts were far far away with worry of his old friend and the evil infecting him.


So that’s about it for the stuff debuting at Zolocon. Everything left after the show will be going up online in the Store, and once I return and settle I’ll be letting everyone know the full details there.




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