TEWOJ Zolocon Leftovers Go On Sale This Friday


This Friday 02/26/16 at 8pm EST on the DK Shop ALL the Zolocon leftovers will be going on sale! The Slime Fiend, Remaing Prince Algor  figures, Kandanian Land Slug Mounts, Customs by Myself and FigureCase, as well as a bunch of the remaining Slime sculpts in resin will be available. Many of the items there is only 1 of so if you want it best get it before it is gone. This is also the end of the line for ALL SCULPTS in resin so this is your last chance to get nay of those sculpts. The Land Slugs are in limited supply as well, but if these sell then I will run more…that its all dependent on how these ones sell on Friday though. Read on to see pics of everything that will be up, and the items are all in the store listed as coming soon if you’d like to check out prices. 

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