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Wow! The response to the first wave of TEWOJ figures over the weekend was GREAT! At this point only 2 of the figure varieties remain in the store, and most of them have sold out. There is still plenty of 5 packs and single slimes, but that was to be expected. There is a few things I would like to say so read on.


First off I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased something! You guys and gals make this all worthwhile, and the response was definitely a surprise…. self funding was always a risk, but you guys crushed it. Not only were sales great, but they definitely proved that moving forward with the next full production piece is a go. I’m planning on finishing up all the packing today, and I hope to have ALL orders shipped out tomorrow so expect a box o slime to show up on your doorstep sometime soon! you guys rock!


Secondly I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who reviewed the figures or shared the information about the sale. I appreciate all the promotion you guys did, and if you reviewed the figures you will surely be getting more stuff to review as time comes. The reviews/shares are what really made this go as well as it did, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Last but not least I need to thank Mike Zolotorow yet again for not only giving me this incredible opportunity, but also making it happen in a way that these figures would be profitable right off rip. I’m so happy that not only have these guys done well, but also that i’m not shackled to some huge amount of money forcing me to resort to penny pinching,constant posts about how many figures are left just so I can try and get my initial investment back. Mike made this all possible, and honestly being the first person to expand the #Zoloverse is a huge honor to me.


So what’s next Doc? Well first off I’m taking the rest of the week about half off one the shipping is all done) since this whole process has been a huge time sink and stress inducer I certainly need some decompression time. After that I’m back int he shop starting work on some new items. Zolocon in Feb is the next destination, and there will be some exciting TEWOJ stuff there for sure. First off there is an exclusive figure all set for the show…which I won’t be revealing just yet, but I also plan on having the first official TEWOJ mount at the show as well. This mount will be resin, and it shaping up to be pretty cool if I do day so. So stay tuned to the TEWOJ FB page for all the details as they come.  I also have a few other things planned for the coming months as well so you’re going to want to watch for those details popping up. The remaining figures/slimes will be up in the store until They’re gone so you know where to go if you feel the need..the need for Slime! Also if you’re liking these figures be sure to check out ROTU’s Asosrtment 3 coming soon on a day of sale purchase opportunity.

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