Thank You!!! (and Special Announcement)



Last night’s drop was a  huge success in my eyes despite a few hiccups. If you were watching Twitter/Facebook you may have seen that I forgot to actually enable shipping so the first orders did not get charged for it, but as it was my mistake I will still be honoring those orders. I have since adjusted prices to include shipping in the store itself to avoid this. Keep reading for more and a special announcement.

I will be figuring out these shipping issue so next time we should have smooth sailing. The store actually did a great job of keeping track of everything though. I went through the stuff left and the numbers all matched up except for the Full sets of green which I accidentally changed to out of stock during the shipping snafu. The big hit of the night seems to be the Heroic form Prince Algor figures, which sold out super fast. I know a lot of you wanted this guy, so sometime in the near future I will be opening a special one day Pre Order period on a Prince Algor. Keep reading DoomKick and the Rampageo Industries FaceBook page to find out the full details of this when it goes down!

A huge thank you to everyone who bought something! And thanks for bearing with me in this slightly hectic first drop. As we move forward with more stuff any issues should be fixed! Again Thank You.


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