The Jalldoon League Of Explorers Open Now!


Today I’m unveiling something I think is pretty cool for TEWOJ fans. The Jalldoon League of Explorers is a new “Fan club” for fans of the line. Let’s run through what singing up for the club gets you…

#1 A 28×20 high quality cloth map of the South Eastern Hemisphere of Jalldoon (where all our adventures so far have taken place) featuring art by Terry Thielen . Depending on how many members sign up the remaining maps will be offered up to members who may want a second or third map, and after that will be made available to the general public. You will also get a PDF of the map as well.

#2 An exclusive “stardust” color way General Skale resin figure only made in the number of members never to be produced in this color way again.

#3 Membership card for you to carry around or cherish that shows you are a member of the JLE.

#4 Member exclusive newsletter. This newsletter will be sent out about once a month, and will feature an exclusive story (this story will eventually be collected into a printed edition down the line) thread illuminating new facets of Jalldoon, sneak peeks into upcoming TEWOJ products,and behind the scenes info.

#5 Early access to ALL TEWOJ products that are released. This includes resin, production, con exclusive figures, and any other kinds of products made available from the TEWOJ line

#6 Annual (optional) member exclusive color way item. Each year members will be offered the option to buy an exclusive color way of a TEWOJ item. 

#7 Lifetime membership nothing more to buy ever. 


Joining the club will cost $25 plus shipping, and enrollment will be open from today until  June 1st in the DK store,and memberships are limited so don’t sleep on this  because once they sell out or the enrollment period ends the club will be closed. Now that I’ve broken down the details you may have some questions. 

Why are you doing this? Well the latest sale with the Slugs selling out in heartbeat has shown that something needs to be done to make sure more people can get this stuff. So by having a nice baseline of people I KNOW want this stuff allows me to make enough to cover them as well as some non club members who may want to purchase TEWOJ stuff, and trust me there is a LOT of things brewing. So if you’re a fan of the line and don’t want to miss anything signing up for the club gets you the ability to do so.

Do I need to buy something from every sale? Nope! The club is a one time payment with no commitment to buy ANYTHING ever again. Your $25 (plus shipping) covers the cost of printing the map, membership cards, and the creation of the Club exclusive figure. Your payment gets you in the club forever. 

Will the club ever re open? It very well may depending on the response. I’m planning on at least opening it again next year when the annual exclusive figure is offered up, and there would also be a new map of a different region of the planet (that would also be offered up to existing members), but for now once these spots sell out or close you won’t have the opportunity to join again for a good while. 

Does this mean if I don’t join I will have harder time getting TEWOJ stuff? Actually if anything it should make things a bit easier for non members to buy stuff since the members will already have had their chance to get stuff before the day of sale happens  which cuts down on the amount of people rushing to the store. 

If things will still be available why join the club? Like I said having a good baseline for making stuff leads to more for everyone, and if you’re a fan of the line it shows support for us while also helping me know who wants in and who doesn’t.

How long will it take to get this stuff? Getting the maps and cards printed will take some time as will producing the exclusive figures. So once the enrollment period ends in a few weeks it will probably be about a month (maybe more maybe less) until the items ship out, BUT the first newsletter will go out a few days after the enrollment ends.

So there you go that’s all the details on the Jalldoon League of Explorers enrollment is open RIGHT NOW in the DK store and will run until June 1st. 



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