The Ninja Turtle Grocery Store

food1Imagine going back in time to somewhere around 1990. Ninja Turtles were HUGE in 1990. You know they had movies, cartoons, comics, toys, video games, clothes, sleeping bags, lunchboxes…the list goes on and on as Ninja Turtles became the thing to put on your merchandise. Normally I would stick to the toys but today I wanted to take that trip to the early 90’s to visit a grocery store and show off some of the things that came under the TMNT banner. Step inside the sliding glass doors and let’s go shopping.food4The first stop is the cereal aisle cause that’s my favorite. I know plenty of people complain that TMNT cereal was not good but I remember happily eating tons of this stuff so I would need some fresh full boxes. Sweetened Chex with marshmallow still sounds fine to me all these years later.

food2 food6I always liked to look at the back of the boxes as I ate my cereal and watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. We might as well do that while we’re on our trip back in time. That box giving away the toys is one beautiful sight.

food5 food7I could look at that image all day, there’s so much awesome in that picture.

Wilmington, NC - Star News March 22, 1991
Wilmington, NC – Star News March 22, 1991

And hey, we’ve got a coupon for 60 cents off!


Next stop would be for some fruit snacks. I would shovel these gummy turtles in my mouth as fast as I could. These bags would easily disappear by the handful as I chewed on the soft and fruity little heads of Mikey, Leo, Shredder and even Leatherhead.


Kingman Daily Miner - May 26, 1991
Kingman Daily Miner – May 26, 1991

Just $1.99 for some fruity bliss!


TMNT popsicles or to be more precise, Cherry Flavored Water-Ice Confections. I despise candy cherry flavor. Real cherries I can handle but get candy with cherry flavor and I start thinking of cough syrup. I’d suffer and make a pass for these on our trip back in time though. I do have to wonder if they made other flavors for the other turtles. Donatello with grape or Mikey with Orange would be right up my alley.


We can even join the Turtle Force Fan Club while we’re here in the early 90’s!


You know TMNT is hot when they’re slapping it on pot pies! The pizza is a given as it’s pretty much the staple food of every good ninja turtle but the pot pie is a stretch. I guess if you gotta eat in the 90’s you might as well have Ninja Turtles on the box.


Cheese crackers are an old favorite of mine. These are shaped like the four turtles themselves so we can play with our food while we’re here in the past.

food14More TMNT stuff is available from the back of the box! Might as well order it all while we’re here.

Pittsburgh Press - Feb 6, 1991
Pittsburgh Press – Feb 6, 1991

Bonnie is crazy to pick anything over pizza flavored Cheez-Its shaped like Ninja Turtles.

food15Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese? While no boxed stuff can beat Kraft I would never turn down Mac & Cheese shaped like my favorite turtles. As for bubble bath? Well, you gotta get clean somehow, might as well be with bubble gum scented TMNT bubble bath, right?

It’s easy to find just about anything you want from the late 80’s and early 90’s with the TMNT slapped onto the box. It’s a fun alternative to collect the random merchandise instead of just the toys. Sometimes you gotta look outside the toybox.


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