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I really liked trading cards as a kid (ok, I still do). I didn’t buy baseball cards or football cards but there was plenty of non-sports cards you could choose from in the 80’s and early 90’s. Pretty much any movie that kids could remotely be into was made into a trading card series and one of my favorite series of cards from my childhood was TMNT. I couldn’t always afford to buy an action figure but I could usually scrape up enough change to buy a pack of trading cards and I could walk by myself to a little store down the street and bring home a pack. I think I only completed one line of trading cards as a kid (X-Men Series 2) but I did recently finish my set of TMNT Series 1 cards and stickers and they bring back so many great memories that I thought I’d share them with Doom Kick!


The very first TMNT card series from Topps was based on the cartoon and came out in 1989. The series contained 88 cards and 11 stickers all based around the excellent show.

toppstmnt3 toppstmnt4

Each card shows a scene from one of the cartoon’s episodes with a description on the back. The cartoon was massively popular and being able to carry around pictures from the show and trade my doubles off for one I didn’t have or for a sticker that I could put on anything I owned made the show that much better.


I never did mind having doubles of the stickers cause that meant I could keep one sticker as a card and use another to mark my territory! After the passing of my dad a few years ago I found some of these TMNT stickers on the wall in the attic. I remember playing often in that attic and I guess I claimed the space as my own. The cards were still there when the house was sold. It didn’t feel right to peel them off after they had been there for so long. I just wish I had taken a picture.

toppstmnt14 toppstmnt15

As with all good series of cards from Topps you could piece together a larger picture with the stickers. The back of each sticker card was a puzzle piece!


Enjoy the pics of some more of the cards and check out the other trading cards we’ve covered here on DK!

toppstmnt5 toppstmnt6 toppstmnt7 toppstmnt8 toppstmnt9

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3 thoughts on “Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trading Cards

  • avatar
    May 21, 2015 at 1:36 am

    #65. Sorry About That, April.

    I could never pull that card from a pack. I had every card and every sticker, many multiple times over. But I never. Never. NEVER. Could get #65. Eventually my mom realized I was buying packs of cards that were all duplicates just so that I might pull one card. Eventually some kid nearby had a #65 and I think my mom gave me a couple of bucks to buy the card just so the madness would stop.

    I still should have my set at my parents house, somewhere. trading cards and the slammers for my pogs are the only treasures left at my parents house that I need to bring home with me the next time I visit.

    • avatar
      May 21, 2015 at 5:39 am

      I never even came that close to completing most series back in the day. I’d be on a TMNT kick for a while then on a trip to the store I’d either run into an empty box or see something new that would spark my interest just long enough to get me to collect half a set of something else. My attention was all over the place and I could never get one set completed. I did finally complete X-Men Series 2 back then but that is because my mom bought me an unopened box for my birthday that year.

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